AF Launches Leatherheads Fantasy Conference

Logo SmallLFCAssociated Fantasy today, announced the unexpected launch of a new league, the Leatherheads Fantasy Conference (LFC), apparantly having been in the works since 2016.  With the announcement this preseason of League 28 suspending operations, and the Fantasy Circus and Suicide Squad being moved to the AF Tournament Division, AF likely wanted to shore up their Leagues Division in a year where the Tournaments side of operations has gotten all of the attention with its return to action the launch of new contests.  This year has also seen the delay of the Association’s highly anticipated new flagship League, currently operating as a testing prototype under the name League XX,  so launching the LFC will bring the number of Associated League teams up to 80 after the 2017 season that saw 108 franchises playing under the AF umbrella.   The AF press release announcing the premier, had this to say:

“At Associated Fantasy, our alternative format leagues and tournaments or so successful and well-received, we often neglect to get back to basics with what makes both football and fantasy football so great – the game itself, as envisioned by iconic tough guys in leather helmets a hundred years ago.  So we’ve brought it back with a stripped down, bare bones league of teams all coached by past champions.  8 teams of winning coaches, with small rosters, light benches, and a hard-fought scoring system.  Old school football.  Old school fantasy.”

All we know so far about the brand new league is that it’s an 8 team, paid entry league with membership restricted to past AF league and tournament champions.  We also have learned it will be using AF Classic/IDP Blitz roster settings, and will utilize the AF Milestone and AF Warrior scoring systems a straight-line draft, and will limit teams’ total transactions for the season.  There is wording in the League Rules dealing with the possibility of the league using relegation in the future, as well.  We’ll be following the story as it develops, in the meantime, you can check out the newly released Leatherheads FC League Rules or visit the Leatherheads League Page to sign up.