AF 2018 Tournaments – Updated Openings


TOURNAMENTS – The Associated Fantasy Tournament Division returns in 2018 after a 1 year hiatus, anchored by the exciting Pro Bowl Tournament.  Six teams – the Association’s elite – voted into the Pro Bowl last season by their competitors will be competing to call themselves the absolute best in the second edition of this exciting event.

Also back, is an annual favorite, the prestigious Points Race Invitational   This 12 team tournament is total points competitions in  which the last place team is eliminated weekly with their roster being released to waivers for the surviving teams to vulture up on the way to trying to be the last team standing.  As the names suggest, entry to the tournament is by invitation only with this season’s exclusive list of competitors is still being compiled.

Check out the full slate of the AF Tournament Division’s 2018 line-up below.  Click on any of the tournament’s for more info or to sign up.  Updated Tournament Openenings information is at the top of the page.

AF’s 2018 QB Derby – Brand new and debuting this season is the Association’s quarterback competition, featuring 6 teams, a $50 entry, and customized, quarterback-centric scoring. Each team will draft five signal callers, but will only get to play 2 of them each week in this total points competition – it’s QB streaming all season long, except you’ll be streaming from your own bench.  First place takes home $200 while 2nd place wins $100.  Tournament Rules

AF’s Fantasy Circus – The Circus is back, now in it’s fourth season, but its ver first after making the switch to AF Tournament Division.  This 16 team tourmnament has a $35 entry fee, giving it a large, $560 prize pot which gets awarded to 1st-4th place teams.  After playing a 7 game stretch, half of the teams are elminated at the week 7/8 intermission.  The remaining 8 teams have access to the elminated teams’ rosters, then play another 7 weeks before half of them are eliminated also with their rosters dumped into free agency as well.  That leaves the final 4 to play a 3 week, round robin Championship Tournament.  Tournament Rules.

Suicide Squad Racing Society PRT – Also making the move from the League to the Tournament Division is this second year league.  The Suicide Squad’s Points-Race Tournament is a 12 team FF Tourney with a $25 entry fee and payouts of $150, $100, and $50 to the podium finishes of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Using AF Rally scoring and AF Arena Rosters with 10 starters and a bench of 16, teams must out-score the field through 17 laps/weeks, while cutting one player every week…..who will have enough horsepower to make it to the checkered flag ahead of the competition.  Tournament Rules

AF’s 2018 King of the Hill Tournament – Debuting this year, the King of the Hill is a 16 team ladder tournament in which the match-ups are arranged each week so that 1st place plays 2nd place, 3rd place plays 4th, and so on.  Featuring AF Formations style rosters and Arena scoring, teams must climb the ladder in this standings race to come out at the top of the heap.  With a $20 entry, KioH pays $200 to 1st place, $100 to second place, and $20 to 3rd and features a draft in which the order for each round is randomized.  Tournament Rules

AF’s 2018 10/100 Tournament – Back again is the Association‘s exciting entry level tournament.  A $10 buy-in gets teams the chance to compete for a cool hundred bucks in this winner-take-all, everyone vs everyone battle royale.  Ten teams will draft 10 starting FLEX players and no bench to take on the field in this tournament which features a 17 week all vs all schedule and a limit of just 20 add/drops for the entire seasonTournament Rules

Points Race – OPEN     This exciting elimination tournament features free entry for 12 teams in a total points race.  Competitors must prevent themselves from falling into last place where, after week 6, the lowest scoring team is eliminated weekly and sees their players hit the waiver wire for survivin teams to vulture up.  All this while the starting rosters grow everey week.  Tournament Rules