League 28 Officially Disbands

LEAGUE 28 – The Association announced this week that its League 28 would be ceasing operations indefinitely for the 2018 season.   Established in 2013, League 28 was an 8 team league that employed the use of massive, 28 player rosters –20 Starters,  8 Teams,  1 Champion.  The unique combination of just a few teams and the very deep rosters allowed for all teams to be stacked with studs, but also for each to need effective sleeper picks to be used as starters and make an impact on the roster.
For years, the Association began trying to convert League 28 to a high stakes prize league, with a $128 entry fee and a $1000 grand prize for the champion, but there was never a year in which a full complement of 8 teams could be found to make the conversion.  While theoretically open to the idea of reviving League 28 should enough franchises come forward ready to make the conversion, the Association has no plans to pursue the concept further.
The 2017 League 28 Champion, meigzoh’s Leather Helmets, joins past champions DashNSMASH(2015), Anytime, Baby(2014), and GAME OVER (2013) in the Association history books.