Eagle, One Eye, Dawgs Honored in Super 16

SUPER 16 – The end of season stats have been finalized in the Super 16, and they reveal that both the best offense and best defense in the league failed to make the post season.  League Raider franchise, 1 Eye Til I Die, took home the Defense of the Year Award for the second time in 3 seasons, posting 1342.50 defensive points in the 2017 season, but they posted a middling 7-6-0 record, losing 5 of their final 6 games in a stretch where they faced 4 eventual playoff teams.  On the other side of scrimage, Eagle has landed took Offense of the Year honors for their first ever post season award with 1281.00 total points of offense.  The Eagle had a much stronger finish than 1 Eye, going 5-2 over their final 7 games, but were eliminated from playoff contention by losses to rival Steel Curtain in weeks 11 and 13.  On Special Teams, North Division Champion The Dawg Pound took home the League trophy behind a 303 point Special Teams season total.  The Dawgs lost in the first round of the 2017 playoffs to the Wild Card Who Dat Saints.  The League Scoring Award went to the 2017 Champion Arizona Firebirds to go up on the mantle with their first Lombardi Trophy after beating S16 juggernaut Birds of Prey 215-213 in the first ever overtime Championship.  All 2017 and prior year awards for the S16 can be viewed at the league’s Trophy Hall.

The S16’s League Record Book hass also now been updated through 2017, and some of the highlights of the new edition include Arizona and BoP both squeeking into the top ten all time single game playoff performances for their scores in Super Bowl VI.  The Firebirds have closed the gap some, but Birds of Prey still holds the League records for most playoff appearances (5), most games (9), and cumulative/lifetime playoff points scored (1661.50).  The 2017 season saw 8 teams make it into the record books on the Top 25 Total Season Scoring, with the high water mark being #6 for the Arizona Firebirds’ 2588.00 total season points, along with runner-up BoP who notched #10 for their 2504.00 tally.  Also going onto that list were, the Who Dat Saints, 1 Eye Til I Die, SF’s BowMen, The Dawg Pound, and Eagle has landed.  The biggest record broken of the season, was hands down, Steel Curtain eclipsing the 300 point mark for the first time in league history and taking over #1 overall on the league’s Single Game Performance Record.  In Week 11, the Steeler franchise put on a fireworks show of scoring, posting 308 points in defeat of Eagle has landed and breaking Ice Cold Bruschi’s 296 point scoring record which had been set all the way back in Week 2 of 2015.  Amazingly, the very next week, Steel Curtain posted a 280 point performance to take over #3 overall on the scoring record!  Only 4 other scores made it into the Top 25 of all time in 2017, the best of the rest being SF’s BowMen’s #16 ranked 245 point day in Week 5.

2017 Draft Order

The Super 16’s draft order, which follows the NFL’s format, has been officially released for the upcoming 2018 season.  The draft will be held on the third Sunday of this year’s preseason, on Sunday August 26, @ 11:00am EDT.   The top 3 picks in the 2018 draft will be split between the same three franchises that had them in the 2016 draft, although the order has shuffled.  In 2016, picks 1, 2, and 3 went to BIGDOGINTEX, WTF HOUSTON, and BEARMINATORS, respectively while in 2018 that order will be reversed based on the teams’ 2017 finishes.   Likewise, the final three picks in the 2018 order will once more be Arizona, Birds of Prey, and Steel Curtain who picked 14, 16, and 15 in that year, although Steel Curtain, a rookie franchise in 2016, came by their pick from the retirement of Ice Cold Bruschis.