Records Update Reveals Low Scoring 2017 In Addicts

FANTASY ADDICTS – The end of season league records update in the Association league with the most comprehensive Record Book reveals 2017 to have been a low scoring season in comparison to previous years, with Champion Kizzy’s Krackbacks in their debut year being the only team to come away with any kind of significant showing.  While scoring across the board was a bit suppressed throughout the league and very few league records were broken, meigzoh’s Krackbacks managed to make it into the record books a handful of times including charting themselves at 4th on the All Time Win StreaK Record with a Week 6-Week17, 10 game win streak that remains active going into the 2018 season.  A week 1 win next year will tie them for 3rd, and a week 2 win will tie them for 2nd in Addicts League history, but they’ll need to win their first 9 games in a row to over take monkeys on ecstasy‘s incredible 18 game win streak record.

There were 65 regular season games in the Fantasy Addicts season, with 130 final scores and not a single one of those managed to make it onto the League’s All Time Single Game Scoring Record which marks the top 25 regular season performances.  League Runner Up, Black Sheep, did mange to make it into the Post Season Top 10 for single game scores with their Week 15, 362 point win, placing them 4th in history, but they were the only new entry on that list.  On the Single Season Scoring Record, the Krackbacks broke through to the number 23 spot for their 3732 point regular season record.

2017 Offense of the Year

Kizzy’s Krackbacks were named Offense of the Year for 2017 with their 1881.00 regular season offensive scoring total, 8th highest in league history, and they also secured the 3rd all time offensive performance for a single game with their Week 10, 219 point offensive outing.  A 191 offensive point game in Week 3 gave them a tie for the 25th spot as well, and a pair of 190 and 188 offensive point games were just short of making it into the top 25.  No other teams managed to set single game offensive record in all of last season.

2017 Defense of the Year

The 2017 Defense of the Year honors went to Addicts charter team and two time champion monkeys on ecstasy with their 1847.00 defensive points total for the regular season, a tally that was only good enough to rank 18th all time in the record books.  They were the only team last season to make it onto that list, and niether the monkeys, nor any other team managed to break any single game defensive records.

The one category that league teams seemed to excel in during the 2017 season was on Special Teams, where 9 of 10 teams set or broke season records, with Orange Lantern Corps being the only team left off the record book in the team defense/kicking game.  Black Sheep had the distinction of being named Special Teams of the Year with a 298.00 SpT season points record that came in as overtall #1 in League history.  They also overtook first place on the SpT Single Game record with their 47.00 point Week 1 perfomance, and, with multiple other teams, snagged other spots on the historical top 25 in that categorty as well.

9 of the 10 Addicts League teams found themselve on the All-Time Special Teams Season Points Record

In the post season, Black Sheep, who lost the two-week championship to Kizzy’s Krackbacks, and monkeys on ecstasy, who lost in round 1, set up a 3 way tie with On The Rox for lifetime playoff appearances.  each of those three charter teams now have 5 post season trips each over the league’s 6 year history, while Addicts’ only other remaining founding team, Houston Hostiles, has yet to play past the regular season.

The upcoming 2018 season will be the league’s 7th outing, and rumors have leaked out of the league offices that a surprise format is in store for teams in the 2018 season, though no details have yet to be released.