Mighty Pats Win Legion Bowl V

LEGION – Like it was just one more win in a season full of them, Mighty Pats was business as usual in Legion Bowl V, winning the Legion of Defense Championship, 66-43 over Sacks Fifth Avenue.  Capping off a season in which they were ranked at or near the top almost every week, Mighty Pats posted a ten-win regular season to win the Premier Division Title and now can add a Golden Skull Trophy to the awards they walk away from 2017 with.  Legion Bowl V was the second trip to the Championship for each of these franchises – two of the oldest in the Legion.  Mighty Pats lost Legion Bowl II in 2014, and Sacks Fifth Avenue lost the following season in Legion Bowl III.  In this year’s Championship Tournament, Sacks actually got the best of Mighty Pats in their Week 15 match-up, winning 47-43, but the Pats still came out of the CT first overall with decisive wins over Gates of Delirium and Insane Clowney Posse and ready for the Championship rematch.

In the big game, it was a long, grinding game for both teams, with neither squad turning in any big, break out performances.  After a slow start and five lead changes through the early games, Mighty Pats extended their lead at the start of the later games and never gave it up again.  Mighty Pats’ Jaguar defense did the most damage on the day, holding Tennessee to just 15 points and posting 3 sacks, a fumble, and a defensive touchdown for a 22 point total.  Altogether, on the day, the Pats accounted for 28 IDP tackles and 13 assists, including 5 tackles for loss.  They only logged 1 and a half IDP sacks in the game, but also had 6 QB hits and forced 3 IDP fumbles, managing to recover 2 of them plus another with their team defense who also blocked a kick.    After two head to head matches between these two teams, with Mighty Pats coming up bigger where it counted most, next season’s games between the two should be interesting to watch.

Also taking place in Week 17 was the League’s Premiere Bowl, traditionally used to determine which of the two participants wind up in the following season’s Premier Division line-up, this year’s game featured the Championship Tournament’s 4th place team, Insane Clowney Posse and the Play-In Bracket winner, Sleeper Agent.  The Clowns were this season’s Premier Division Wild Card and beat the 2016 defending Champion, Suspension Freaks, to get into the CT, while Sleeper Agent missed the CT altogether, despite puting together a truly dominant season, they could not beat the schedule monster this year, absorbing a league high in points scored against.  In the Premier Bowl, it wasn’t even close, Sleeper Agent wrapping the Clowns up by a 50 point margin, 88-38.  The Agents’ racked up an impressive 8.5 IDP sacks in the game – #2 all-time for a single game performance – and likely captured the League’s 2017 sack title with the effort.  Legion officials have already confirmed that the league will be moving away from the tiered division format for the 2018 season, so the Premier Bowl doesn’t carry the significance it has in other seasons, but bragging rights are always involved, and the league has stated it will have some sort of an impact on next season’s draft.