Blue Sunday

WORLD LEAGUE – With a strong Week 15 showing, the Buenos Aires Blue Dogs (8-7-0) have won the Western Conference Championship in the World League.  In a game that ultimately turned one-sided, the Blue Dogs defeated the Mexico Aztecs (7-6-0), 106-49, beating the spread by 43 points and securing their first ever trip to the World Bowl.  Known for their receiving corp, it was Buenos Aires’ rookie halfback , Kareem Hunt, that carried the day, producing over 200 all-purpose yards and 2 touchdowns to put 33 points on the board in the Saturday game.  Once the Blue Dogs took the lead, they never looked back, just continued to extend it, with their quarterback, Cam Newton, putting the nail in the Aztecs’ coffin with his 4 touchdown passes.

Congratulations to the Buenos Aires Blue Dogs, the World League’s 2017 Western Conference Champions

This was the Blue Dogs’ third trip to the semifinal round of the World League, their second since the round began to be used as the Conference Championship three seasons ago.  In 2015, they lost the Championship to the Los Angeles Dragons, who went on to win  World Bowl 4, and in 2013 the roles were reversed and it was the Aztecs that came out on top and then went on to win World Bowl 2.  If one were superstitious and also a Blue Dog fan, that would seem to bode well for Buenos Aires as they head into their first ever World Championship where they’ll face the Scandinavia Stars (12-3-0), a team they lost to this season by just 9 points.

Having the higher seed and the home field advantage just wasn’t enough to help the Aztecs come away with a win in this one, but their star halfback might’ve been the spark they needed.  Unfortunately, their franchise back, Ezekiel Elliot served the final week of his supension in Week 15 while Mexico was out their playing for the Conference Trophy.  Their #2 back, Melvin Gordon put up 20 points for them, but the rest of their roster never rallied, with 6 starting positions scoring 3 points or less.  They didn’t finish up until Monday night, getting 3 garbage time points from their kicker, but in retrospect, they were finished as soon as Buenos Aires’ Kareem Hunt took the field.  Now it’s back to the clubhouse for the Aztecs, where they’ll begin making plans for 2018’s 9th overall pick in the draft.

The Blue Dog Cheerleaders cheer in front of a hostile crowd in Mexico City, a crowd that bwegan to leave long before the games conclusion once Buenos Aires had established such a large lead.