2017 Circus Lion Tamers Named

FANTASY CIRCUS – The second round of AF’s Fantasy Circus played to its exciting conclusion in Week 14, complete with two of the league’s biggest contenders playing to a 34-34 draw.  The Fantasy Circus is a 16 team league that cuts itself down to 8 teams after the first 7 week round, with the top 4 teams each from two Groups advancing.  Those 8 teams have just completed another 7 week round robin schedule and only the top 4 of those teams – the “Lion Tamers” – will be advancing to the final, Championship Round, while it’s the end of the road for the bottom four ball clubs.

I’m Staring At Her TD’s and the Windsor Tuskers, both league rookies run by AF Registered Coaches, have been at the top of the heap all season long, and they finished Round 2 locked up in a head to head tie, but Nexecutioner’s Touchdown Watchers, take a standings edge, advancing with the top seed in the final round based on their 5-1-1-/268 record.  The tie, allowed Wet Work Scrappers (5-2-0/229) to slip ahead into the #2 seed, while Coach Blueshoes’ Tuskers fall to #3 with a final Round 2 record of 4-2-1/220.  Rounding out the last of the teams advancing into the Lion’s Cage is Tmande’s King George Bluto’s (3-4-0/225) who took a Week 14 loss, but backed into the final slot based on points.

Week 14 turned out to be the end of the road for Cutlering the Cheese and Sock Bandits, both of which were 2016 finalists, as well as promising league rookies TOBACCO ROAD and Nobody’s Colin.  The entire rosters of the eliminated teams have been released to waivers, and the teams advancing will be bidding the WAB banks they’ve built up through scoring to try to build a super team to take them over the finish line.  The 4 finalists will now start with clean, 0-0-0/0 records and play a 3 week round robin in Weeks 15, 16, and 17 with the team finishing in first place being named the 2017 Ringmaster.