Addicts Semifinals Set To Kickoff

ADDICTS – The 2017 Fantasy Addicts Wild Card Game between the #4 seeded Mighty Pats and the #5 seeded Black Sheep played close throughout the match, up until the Monday finish when the Pats mighty quarterback, Tom Brady had one of the toughest games of his career, failing to help them out with a comeback win, and Black Sheep took the W, 310-258.  Led primarily by their running game, Black Sheep put up 70 points on the ground and also got 36 from their own signal caller, Drew Brees.  They were also helped along by a spectacular 37 point performance by defensive captain Sean Lee.  The Sheep will advance to the Addicts Semifinal Round, while the loss puts a cap on a fantastic season by the Pro Bowl Nominee Mighty Pats.  They finished 8-5-0 in the regular season, with all five of their losses coming from either the Sheep or from Addicts’ rookie phenom, the #1 ranked Kizzy’s Krackbacks, a pair of teams the Pats just could not find the gameplan to beat this year.

Moving on to the Semifinal Round of the 2017 playoffs, the Black Sheep join the #1 seeded Krackbacks, along with the #2 seeded monkeys on ecstasy and the #3 seeded Suspension Freaks XL, all three of which enjoyed a Week 14 bye.  The Fantasy Addicts League uses a peculiar playoff format, with 5 of the 10 teams in the league making it into the post season.  The Ladder Champion, or the team with the league’s number 1 record becomes the #1 seed, as Kizzy’s Krackbacks have done this season with their 11-2-0 record.  The #2 seed, bypasses the teams’ standings records altogether, and is awarded to the team with the highest regular season scoring total among the 9 other teams, and two-time League Champion monkeys on ecstasy claimed the #2 seed with a 7-6-0 record but with a 3603 season scoring total.  The #3 seed goes back to standings to be awarded to the team with the best record of the 8 teams that remain, and that went to Suspension Freaks XL who finished with an 8-5-0 record after defeating the monkeys 301-262 in the final week of ladder scheduling.  The #4 and #% Wild Card teams were the Pats and Sheep, with the Sheep advancing after the win.

A new rule added to the Addicts Rules Book for the 2017 season, awards the Ladder Champion the opportunity to choose their opponent in the semifinal round IF the regular season standings winner is also the regular season points winner.  That rule is going to be advantageous to the Krackbacks who finished #1 in both record (11-2-0) and total scoring (3712.00 points), and they have selected to face the Suspension Freaks in Week 15.  That leaves charter members and former league champions monkeys and Sheep to go head to head on the other branch of the bracket.  The winners of each of these playoff games, will face each other in the two-week Addicts Championship to take place in Weeks 16 and 17.  Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the best 3 weeks of the season are still ahead of us.