Dixie League Playoff Review: Week 2

DIXIE – The Dixie League playoffs continue, but after Game 2 in the ELCS, we can now say congratulations to the Lakeland Raiders on winning the 2017 Eastern League Championship Seriesbut not without a ruling from the ump.  In the West, the WLCS continues to a Game 3 in Week 14.  Here’re the recaps and previews.

Eastern League– Lakeland Raiders vs. Hinesville Warrior

Week 2 of the Dixie League playoffs were again laced with a little controversy.  If you remember in Week 1 in the Eastern Conference Series, we had an issue with the half sack rule, which after all was said and done, sent the game to a tie breaker situation, where the game was awarded to the Lakeland Raiders.  Well, in Game 2 of their best of 3 series, it happened again. Hinesville Warrior for 2 straight weeks has been awarded a half sack for Von Miller.  But, league rules state that half sacks do not count in the point structure and it was removed both times, so Game 1 was awarded to Lakeland on the strength of his QB scoring 5 points for the tiebreaker, while in Game 2, Lakeland won the game without the tiebreaker coming into effect, 9-8. had Hinesville managed to pick up another half sack during the week, due to stat correction, the score would’ve tied at 9-9, and in that instance, would have gone all the way to the fourth tiebreaker but would have given Hinesville the win, and set up a Game 3.  The stat correction never came in for Hinesville, however, and the Lakeland Raiders have been awarded the 2017 Eastern League Championship, and will compete for the 2017 Dixie League Championship beginning in Week 15 against…..

Western League- Andalusia Arrows vs. Austin Bulls

The Western League Championship Series between the Pro Bowl Nominated Andalusia Arrows and league rookie Austin Bulls, is now tied 1-1, with the deciding game coming this weekend in Austin.  Game 2 was a bad week for QB’s as the Arrows’ Tom Brady suffered through his 1st week all season without a single point, and Austin’s Drew Brees mustered only 2 points for the week, but was helped out by a point from the RB position and 3 points from the kicker position, which lead the Bulls to a 7-4 win to force a Game 3.  This week the two teams take each other to the final game of the season for 1 team.  Andalusia has made a move this week at RB, adding Alfred Morris who has taking the RB duties over since the suspension of Ezekial Elliott, while Austin went up early, 2-0, scoring a couple of homeruns in the Thursday game.