Rookie Krackbacks Win Addicts Ladder

ADDICTS – The expansion AF#12 Kizzy’s Krackbacks have taken the Fantasy Addicts’ League by storm this season, going 7-2-0 through the round robin portion of the Regular Season, and then a perfect 4-0-0 through the Ladder Schedule to be named 2017 Ladder Champions.  The Fantasy Addicts uses a scheduling format where all league teams play a single round robin, facing all other league teams, in the opening 9 weeks of the regular season, then, over next 4 weeks, teams are matched by ranking 1st place versus second place, 3rd place versus 4th place, and so on.  In that type of scheduling, if you’re at the top, it gets hard to stay there as you get matched against the top challenger week after week.

Staying at the top wasn’t a problem though for meigzoh’s Krackbacks who topped 300 points in 3 of the 4 weeks of the ladder.  The Krackbacks are a 2017-18 AF Pro Bowl Nominated team and have posted the High Score of the week 6 times and been named the Offense of the Week 5 times this season.  They are currently in the midst of an 8 game win streak, tying them for 5th longest in the record books and also lead the league in scoring with a 3709 point regular season tally.  Coming away as the #1 in both standings and scoring is going to be advantagous to the Krackbacks, since, by league rules, after their Week 14 playoff bye, they’ll have the option of choosing their first round opponent.

The Fantasy Addicts League uses a peculiar playoff format, with 5 of the 10 teams in the league making it into the post season.  The Ladder Champion, or the team with the league’s number 1 record becomes the #1 seed, as Kizzy’s Krackbacks have done this season with their 11-2-0 record.  The #2 seed, bypasses the teams’ standings records altogether, and is awarded to the team with the highest regular season scoring total among the 9 other teams, while the #3 seed goes back to standings to be awarded to the team with the best record of the 8 teams that remain.  The top 3 seeds receive a bye in Week 14, while the #4 and #5 seeds face off in the Wild Card Game.  The #4 seed is awarded based on W-L record as well, but the final, #5 seed goes back to total scoring and is awarded to the team that’s amassed the most Regular Season points of the 6 teams still unseeded.

In the 2017 Addicts playoffs, two-time League Champion monkeys on ecstasy claimed the #2 seed with a 7-6-0 record but with a 3603 season scoring total.  The monkeys reached their historic 50th win (Gold Star Monkeys) this season, an award to go onto the shelf with their two league championships and also picked up an Offense of the Week Award as well as receivuing Defense of the Week honors 6 times!  In the #3 seed, the league’s second expansion squad of 2017, Shane Rocks’ Suspension Freaks XL finished with an 8-5-0 record after defeating the monkeys 301-262 in the final week of ladder scheduling, and both teams will receive a Week 13 bye along with the Krackbacks, but could very well be facing off with each other again after the Wild Card Game.

2017 Addicts Playoff Preview

The 2017 Fantasy Addicts Playoffs features two exciting rookie teamsKrackbacks and Freaks XL, two charter members and past championsmonkeys (2012, 2015) and Sheep (2013), along with perenial powerhouse Mighty Pats coached by the Association’s ubiquitous coach of mystery Mighty Pats, returning from last year’s playoffs.  However, this season is the first time in League history, when neither of the prior season’s Championship teams made it into the following season’s playoffs.  Last year’s epic League Finale (Rox/Lanterns part IV: The Final Battle) was won by Association Gold Star Franchise On The Rox (The White Whale) in much built up battle with league super villain Orange Lantern Corps, and it will be interesting to see what storylines play out this year with a whole new cast of characters.

In the Week 14 Wild Card, the 8-5-0 Mighty Pats are the league’s second Pro Bowl Nominated franchise and are the favored team in the Wild Card Round.  The Pats spent most of the season in first or second place, but playing the Krackbacks 3 times in the 4 weeks of ladder scheduling – and losing in each turn – took its toll on the Pats’ record.  Their finishing record tied with The Freaks XL’s final tally, but the Freaks won the higher seeding with a total points tiebreaker.  Mighty Pats’ opponent will be Black Sheep who finish 7-6-0 thanks to their Week 13 victory over Orange Lantern Corps who they tie with by record but also have a points tiebreaker against.

Following the results of the Wild Card game, because they are both the standings and points leader of the Regular Season,  Kizzy’s Krackbacks will have the opportunity to select their opponent for the Week 15 semifinal round from the #2 seeded monkeys on ectasy, the #3 seeded Suspension Freaks XL, or the winner of the Wild Card Game.  The remaining two teams will face each other head to head.  The winners will be bound for the two-week 6th annual Fantasy Addicts League Championship.