AF Pro Bowl Returns, Voting Now Open!

AF PRO BOWL – After a single season hiatus, the exciting AF Pro Bowl Tournament is returning for the 2017-18 season!  Designed to honor the best teams in the Association each fantasy season just as NFL players are honored with Pro Bowl appearances, the Associated Fantasy Pro Bowl Tournament is also designed to test those teams and fantasy managers with the toughest, most challenging FF tournament around, all to see just who the best of the best is in the Association.  Just making it into the tournament is a competition.  Between 15-20 teams are nominated near the end of each season from all of the teams playing in the Association (currently 106), and those nominees are then voted on by all 106 Association teams, with the Top 6 receiving invitations to the Pro Bowl Tournament, which is held the following season.  The rest of the nominees become Alternates, ranked in the order of the votes they received, to take the place of any honorees that decline the invitation.  Those team managers that are invited and accept the honor, might want to spend the offseason reading the Tournament Rules and preparing a game plan, because the Tournament is designed to test every ounce of their fantasy coaching skills…all against 5 other coaches who are also the best around.

The Tournament uses AF Classic roster settings and AF Century scoring settings.  The scoring settings are the most challenging around, awarding only single points, and awarding them very stingily. Score a touchdown? 1 point. 50 yards rushing? 1 point. 10+ tackles? 1 point.  With only 6 teams competing, and with such thin starting line-ups and extremely low scoring, success becomes all the more based on personnel decisions instead of just becoming a stats arms race.  Each team’s player personnel decisions will be tested from the very start with the Tournament’s double draft – the first an auction draft, and the second a traditional snake draft, but teams must choose wisely, as once they build their teams, they’ll have only 20 add/drop transactions available to them for the whole season.  You can learn more about the Pro Bowl tournament’s set-up and requirements by checking out the AF Pro Bowl Tournament Page or you can go straight to the Tournament Rules Page for detailed information.

The 2017 Nominees

Teams are nominated for the Tournament from the field of all 106 Association teams based on a combination of record, scoring, acheivement, stats, ranking, and competition level, and then all of you, those 106 teams that make up Associated Fantasy, get to vote for the 6 that will make it in.  And now, with no further introduction, here are your 2017 Pro Bowl Tournament Nominees:

  • Andalusia Arrows
  • Arizona Firebirds
  • Birds of Prey
  • Finkle Is Einhorn
  • Insane Clowney Posse
  • Kizzy’s Krackbacks
  • Kokomo Kings
  • london Falling
  • Los Angeles Dragons
  • Mighty Pats (Fantasy Addicts)
  • Old England Patriots
  • Our Miss Brooke
  • Perth Panthers
  • Scandinavia Stars
  • Scottish Claymores
  • Suspension Freaks
  • Tigershark Dracula Fangs

CLICK HERE for more information on all of the 2017 Nominees

Voting on the Nominees will take place through the website and all AF team owners eligible to cast one ballot per team, owners with more than one team in the Association can cast a ballot in the name of each of their teams.  Ballots will allow voting teams to cast a vote for 3 individual Nominees, or write-in candidates, and AF Registered Teams will have the option of casting a 4th vote.  You can vote for yourself, your rivals, teams from your league or from any league; you can select multiple teams with your three selections, or make all three for the same team.  The choice is up to you.  The 3 voting slots per ballot will be weighted so that the order of the ballot’s 3 selections (1st, 2nd, 3rd) count in a points system towards all teams’ Pro Bowl Vote Score for the selection process, and the 6 teams with the highest Pro Bowl Vote Score by total points tabulation will be named Pro Bowl Starters and extended invitations to the Pro Bowl Tournament for the following season.  Voting will remain open through Week 16 or longer.