IFFL: Claymores Take Biggest Lead At The Break

IFFL – We’ve reached half time of the two-week cumulative points games that are underway for the IFFL Division Championships, and at the midway point, the AF#17 Scotish Claymores have come out swinging, taking a 245-182 lead over the Venice Killerwhales.  With over a hundred points coming from two players by themselves, Scotland’s Roethlisberger to Brown combo, the Claymores will take a 63 point lead into the second half next week, hoping to stay ahead of Venice and make it into the Semi Final Round.

In the Americas Division, the AF#1 Los Angeles Dragons have a nominal lead over the New Orleans VooDoo, 154-143 at the half, and once again, the Dragons are getting it done at the QB position, putting up almost 500 yards through the air as well as 4 passing touchdowns.  Los Angeles is already close to passing the score they posted the first time this pair faced each other, in Week 9 when the Dragons broke the VooDoo’s spell to defeat them 167-81.

In the new Pacific Division, last year’s South Division Champs, the Perth Panthers are looking strong, completing a dominant first half performance to go into the locker room with a 208-185 advantage over the expansion Hawaiian Beach Bums.  The Panthers have now topped 200 points in each of 5 consecutive weeks, and are looking strong with a 217 points per week average, while Hawaii, the lowest ranked team in the post season, are so far having a strong performance, with 8 of 11 positions hitting double digits.

This is the order of the points Wild Card.  The losing team with the highest Regular Season score will advance as the Wild Card:

  1. Los Angeles (2103 points)
  2. Scotland (2067 points)
  3. Perth (1990 points)
  4. Venice (1987 points)
  • It cannot get to New Orleans (1983), Rochester (1826), or Hawaii (1782)