World League Premier Match: The New Guys

WORLD LEAGUE – With the Regular Season winding down, the World League has chosen to feature their two new teams in the Week 12 Premier Match, their showcase match of the week.  Cali Rox (4-7-0) and the Milan Wild Boars (4-7-0) first faced each other in Week 6 with Milan taking the victory, 105-70, but because of the scheduling formula, the two get a bonus second match in each, their first season in the league.  Both teams have shown sparks of explosiveness this season even as they’ve struggled to find their footinig in the new league, inheriting rosters from the teams they replaced.  Milan took over the roster of the Barcelona Dragons who had languished in last place in the league for multiple seasons, so the Boars made several aggressive moves in preseason trading to rebuild a respectable team.  AF Registered Coach Rox’s Cali franchise came into the league on the other end of the spectrum, inheriting the roster of the Los Angeles Dragons (8-3-0-IFFL/Current), the 2015 Champions who also made a strong run at the 2016 Championship before jumping to the rival IFFL.

The Wild Boars are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but Cali still has a route to the post season in the weaker Western Conference.  Down the middle stretch of the season, Milan put together a string of 4 games with a 113 point per game average, including a 130 point performance, but their scoring has slumped in the past 3 weeks, where they’ve averaged only 77 points per outing.  Cali has averaged 103 points per game in that same span, and may be getting hot, and the Boars are, accordingly listed as 10 point underdogs.

The two best teams in the league, AF#24 Scandinavia Stars (29-2-0) and the Old England Patriots (9-2-0) continue their race to the Eastern Conference’s #1 seed and the first round Bye that goes with it.  Old England sits in first with both a head to head win (second tiebreaker) and a 15 point lead in total season points (first tiebreaker) and will play the 12th place City of Champions (2-9-0) this week.  Scandinavia, who enjoyed the #1 spot in the league for 7 consecutive weeks (3-10) will play 11th place New Orleans Acadians (4-7-0).  With 2 games left – this week and next – neither team can capture the #1 seed this week even if the other loses, and though their opponents on paper look like easy wins, on any given Sunday…..