Monkeys on the Climb

FANTASY ADDICTS – monkeys on ecstasy are on the climb in the Fantasy Addicts, starting in 6th place at the start of Ladder Scheduling, and now moving up all the way to 2nd place thanks to their Week 11, 315-181 win over Orange Lantern Corps, giving them a 7-4 record and a points advantage over the other 7-4 teams.  The two-time League Champions have always been dangerous late in the season, in 2015, after starting 3-3, they went on a 6 game run to win the ladder and then eventually the Championship, and in 2012, the year of their first League Title, they entered the playoffs as the #6 seed.  Now, averaging 282 points per game over the last 5 weeks, they take over 2nd place and will face newcomer phenom AF#12 Kizzy’s Krackbacks in Week 12.

Kizzy goes to 9-2 after defeating Mighty Pats 315.50-270 – half a point better than the monkeys performed this week.  At 9-2, for meigzoh’s Krackbacks to lose the #1 seed, monkeys would need to beat them twice and cover 101 points of difference between the teams’ season score total to win the Ladder.  Mighty Pats and OLC’s losses leave them each at 7-4, but trailing the monkeys in points, so they’ll fall to 3rd and 4th place and face each other in Week 12…..Unless the final score of the Black Sheep-Suspension Freaks game is overturned on stat corrections.  The Freaks XL beat the Sheep, 250-246.50, and if the victory survives, both teams will be 6-5 and face each other in a rematch.  However, if the Sheep are handed a win on stat corrections, they’ll move to 7-4, overtaking OLC on total points for 4th place and the two will swap opponents.

Houston Hostiles beat On The Rox, 311-269 and 99 Bortles of Beer put their second bottle on the wall, beating The Great Khalil, 264-250.  Houston climbs to 5-5 and Rox falls to 3-8 and the only shot either of them have at the post season at this point is to hope Mighty Pats and/or OLC can fall out of the top four, and to run up two high scoring games in the next week and hope to get in on points.  The Fantasy Addicts sends 5 teams to the playoffs:

  • #1 Seed – Regular season champion/Ladder Champion (defined as the #1 team by standings at the conclusion of week 13)
  • #2 Seed – Team with the highest total season points through Week 13 of the remaining 9 teams
  • #3 Seed –  Highest ranked team – by standings – of the remaining 8 teams
  • #4 Seed – Highest ranked team – by standings – of the remaining 7 teams
  • #5 Seed – Team with most total season points of the remaining 6 teams.


With 2 weeks left, there’s still lots of drama left to play out.