Number Freaking 1 Again; Week 9 Top 25

AF TOP 25 – The fighting tigers that are the Suspension Freaks, the 2016 Defending Champions of the Legion of Defense have clawed their way back to the AF#1 spot on the Week 9 Top 25.  Moving up one spot from second to first overall among all 106 Association teams, Shane Rocks’ Suspension Freaks have not placed outside of the top 3 on any AF Top 25 list this season.  Leather Helmets, meigzoh’s League 28 franchise, came crashing up the list like a fullback, moving from AF#9 on Week 8’s edition, up to AF#2, and the Fantasy Circus’ 2016 league runner-up, Cutlering the Cheese holds onto their AF#3 ranking for the second consecutive week.  Last week’s AF#1 team, the IFFL’s Los Angeles Dragons, tumble all the way back to AF#4 after a lackluster performance in their head to head win over the New Orleans VooDoo (the VooDoo plummet from AF#5 to AF#22 after the loss), and, appropriately, Finkle is Einhorn and Our Miss Brooke who have been literally neck and neck all season in the Suicide Squad, tie for AF#5.

NOTE:  This edition of the AF Top 25 and the accompanying rankings for all 106 teams are cumulative through the results of all Week 9 games.  Their posting has been unavoidebly delayed, but both the Top 25 page and the AF Rankings Page have now been updated.  The cumulative rankings through all Week 10 games are now being tabulated and will be updated as soon as possible.  The AF Stats Department will then continue the cumulative rankings next week after the results of Week 11 are final and then through the fantasy playoffs all the way to the end of Week 17.

AF Top 25 Through week 9:

  1. Suspension Freaks 
  2. Leather Helmets 
  3. Cutlering the Cheese  
  4. Los Angeles Dragons 
  5. (5 Tied) Finkle is Einhorn 
  6. (5Tied) Our Miss Brooke  
  7. Arizona Firebirds 
  8. I’m Staring At Her TD’s 
  9. Insane Clowney Posse 
  10. Tigershark Dracula Fangs 

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