The Lionhearted

SUPER 16 – Overcoming their inferior record and the oddsmakers that had them as 22 point underdogs in the Week 10 Game of the Week in the Super 16, the Motor City Kitties fought their division rival The Dawg Pound with the heart of lions, and in the end slaughtered those dawgs like lambs, 205-181.  This SimulPlay match between division rivals was never even close, until garbage time at the end when meigzoh’s Dawgs tried a failed comeback attempt.  It leaves the two North Division foes separated now by just a single game in the Division race.  The Dawg Pound still holds onto the lead with 6-4-0 record, but the Kitties have taken a huge stride toward closing in with the head to head win that gives them a 5-5-0 even standing.  Running a distant third in division, The Indy-structibles are 4-6-0 after beating the BEARMINATORS, and would need a miracle to capture the North, so it will likely come down to a battle of the Detroit and Cleveland franchises.  Motor City now leads the all time series between the two, 4 games to 2, and they will meet again in the Week 13 season finale in what’s shaping up to be – as usual – a de facto division championship game.

In the South Division, Roger Tripp’s AF#12 Birds of Prey flew circles around division opponent BIGDOGINTEX, beating them 183-111.  The win propels the Birds to an 8-2-0 record, but they are still unable to clinch the division title thanks to a 198-165 victory by their biggest rivals, the Who Dat Saints.  The Saints franchise moves to 5-5-0 with the win, keeping themselves alive and preventing BoP from punching their postseason ticket.   WTF HOUSTON eliminated themselves along with BIGDOG, after their 112-227 loss to Eagle has landed, so it’s only the Who Dats left with a slim chance of denying the Birds the title.  But the Saints need to win out, and have Birds of Prey drop their next three in a row – BoP can win the division with their next win, regardless

Is it too early to start talking about a Super Bowl II rematch between the Birds’ and the ‘Birds?

of what the Who Dats do.

In the West Division, the AF#7 Arizona Firebirds are getting closer to clinching a division championship as well after their 174-123 Week 10 rout of Geno’s Jaw Breakers.  The Firebirds are now 8-2-0 and, after division rival, the AF#18 1 Eye Til I Die continues to meltdown, losing their third game in a row, this one to Steel Curtain 140-175, for a 6-4-0 record, Arizona has a two game lead on the Raider franchise with three games to go.  As the space in the standings continues to widen between these two, it makes the Week 13 head to head finale less important, whilethe AF#11 SF’s BowMen, at one point in the season the #1 team in both the league and the Association, ended a 3 game slide in Week 10 with a convincing 198-161 victory over Northern Fins to stay alive in the division race.  The BowMen are now 6-4-0 like 1 Eye, with head to head losses but a points advantage.  Arizona can clinch their own division title in Week 11 with a win AND a 1 Eye loss AND a BowMen loss.  Is it too early to start talking about a Super Bowl II rematch between the Birds’ and the ‘Birds?

The S16 East is anyone’s to win with three weeks left in the regular season

The East Division just got very interesting this week, with losses posted by Northern Fins (6-4-0) and the Jaw Breakers (5-5-0) and strong victories from Eagle has landed (5-5-0)their 4th in a row – and Steel Curtain (4-6-0).  To make the race even closer, all four of them are within 43 points of each other after a season of total scoring.  With several division matches over the next 3 weeks in the East, it doesn’t get much more exciting.

2017 Playoff Preview:

Now with just 3 weeks left to go in the Super 16 regular season, it’s starting get as thrilling as always  First tiebreaker for standings ties is total points, followed by head to head.

Division Leaders:

  • Arizona Firebirds 8-2-0 (can clinch the West Division with a win AND losses by 1 Eye AND BowMen)
  • Birds of Prey 8-2-0 (can clinch the South Division with a win OR a Who Dats loss)
  • Dawg Pound 6-4-0 (can clinch the North Division with 2 wins AND a Motor City loss)
  • Wide Open

Wild Card Race:

  1. SF’s BowMen 6-4-0 1969 points
  2. 1 Eye Til I Die 6-4-0 1877 points
  3. Who Dat Saints 5-5-0 1843 points 
  4. Geno’s Jaw Breakers 5-5-0 1773 points
  5. Eagle has landed 5-5-0 1760 points
  6. Motor City Kitties 5-5-0 1725 points