Old England Honored After 50th Win

ASSOCIATED FANTASY –  The Old England Patriots of the World League have captured a milestone they’ve been chasing all season, posting their historic 50th Win in franchise history, and doing it with an exclamation point, destroying the Defending League Champion Dacusville Devils 109-60.  The Patriots become just the 4th team in the Association to accomplish such a feat, winning the Association’s Gold Star Award, and doing it in 82 total games, including 4 playoff appearances over 5 seasons – 2 of them as either the #1 or #2 seed – and have now scored 8,052.96 points in their World League career.  Not only does England’s win mark such an important milestone, but it becomes incredibly important in the playoff race in the World League, as it improves their record to 8-2-0  to tie for the top spot with just 3 weeks to go in the Regular Season.

To commemorate the acheivement, AF takes a look back at the Patriots’ illustrious history.

2012 – 10-4-0 (0-1) Playoff Seed #2

Win #1:  Week 2, 2012.  The Old England Patriots captured their very first World League victory in their second game, beating the Salvadorian Hurricane 107-99, led by 22 points from quarterback Phillip Rivers and 26 points from lead halfback Willis McGahee, the other starters in their first win included Adrian Peterson, Percy harvin, Calvin Johnson, jimmy Graham, Donald Brown, Shayne Graham, and the Giants defense.

Win #6:  Week 10, 2012.  The Patriots beat the Scandinavian Stars by a score of 152-84, a performance that turned out to be the best in the league in the 2012 season, and still stands as the #4 all-time single game performance.

Win #10 Week 14, 2012  England capped the end of a 6 game win streak by beating the Jerusalem Cheeseheads 137-74.  The 6 game streak was a league record untill it was broken by the Blue Dogs in Week 3 of 2015.

2013 – 9-4-0 (1-1) Playoff Seed #1

Win #11 Week 1, 2013  The Patriots extended their 6 game win streak from the previous season with a 155-84 win over the Staffordshire Icky Ficky, although with a playoff loss in between, it’s only considered a “regular season streak” in the World League Record Books, rather than a “continuous streak”.  However, the win got Old England into the record book in a different category, breaking their previous league record for single game performance.  The 155 points remained #1 on that list for almost two full seasons, and still remains #3 today.

Win #13:  Week 4, 2013  After losing to them twice in their inaugural season, the Old England Patriots beat their arch rival London Falling for the first time, 130-88

Win #20 Week 15, 2013  This win capped off another 6 game win-streak for the Patriots, tying their record from the previous season.  But more importantly, the 120-94 victory over the Jerusalem Cheeseheads was Old England’s first ever playoff victory.  they would go on to lose World Bowl 2 to Mexico the following week

2014 – 7-6-0 (1-1) Playoff Seed #6

Win #23  Week 7, 2014  In their first meeting after World Bowl 2, Old England defeated Mexico in a rematch, 113-91.

Win #27  Week 13, 2014  Old England broke their own League Single Game Scoring Record in their 172-109 victory over the Dublin Bay Prawns.  The record would last only 1 week at #1

Win #28 Week 14, 2014  The Patriots break their own scoring record one more time, this time after beating City of Champions 173-117 in round 1 of the 2014 playoffs.  At this point, Old England owned the #1, #2, #3, and #4 All-Time Highest Single Game Performances in league history.  They were finally overtaken at #1 by Scandinavia in Week 3 of 2016, but retain #s 2-5.

 2015 – 7-6-0

Win #34 Week 11, 2015  The only season in their history that Old England did not make the playoffs, they finsihed the regular season just short, ranked #7.  The World Bowl Champions this season was another 7-6 team, the Los Angeles Dragons, who went on an incredible hot streak beginning in Week 12.  The Patriots beat them in Week 11, 90-67

2016 – 7-6-0 (0-1) Playoff Seed #6

Win #40  Week 4, 2016  In the pair’s 6th ever meeting, the Patriots beat their rival London Falling for the third time ever, 100-87, evening the series at 3 games a piece


Win #45  Week 4, 2017  Pulling ahead in the all-time series, the Patriots defeated London 97-84 in a game highlighted in the world League’s new, weekly Premier Match showcase

Win #50 Week 10, 2017 Led by 20+ point performances from Robert Woods and Alvin Kamara, the Patriots capture their historic 50th win to move within striking distance of #1 overall in the league.