Bank Shot

SUICIDE SQUAD – Throttle in the WFO position, Coach Crash’s own Behind The 8 Ball turned in the winning time for Week 10 in the Suicide Squad – Points Race League, scoring a fast lap of 213 points.  Taking full advantage of 62 points from Cam Newton along with 35 each from DeMarco Murray, the Rams defense, and The Brother Eli, the #35 Behind The 8 Ball slithered up in the pack from 8th to 6th with their season total of 1564 points.

The most impressive move of Week 10, though, was the racing from Tigershark Dracula Fangs, in the #57 roadster who’s been burning the asphalt, turning in top 3 times for the last 4 weeks consecutively, and closing the distance on Finkle is Einhorn and Our Miss Brooke who have been leading the race from the start.  With a

Dracula Fang’s Scores have been either 1st or 2nd place for the week in each of the last four weeks consecutively and now they’re a single point back from the pole position

Week 10 score of 210 points, just the gap of a spark plug behind Coach Crash through the lap, the Fangs have finally overtaken Miss Brooke and closed on Finkle, literally tapping their bumper and pushing for the lead.  Finkle and Miss Brooke have both had a sizable lead on the pack from Week 1,  and have been conserving their engines, turning in lower scores for the last few weeks, while the Fangs have been like a rocket, so that now the three of them have scored 1783 points (Finkle), 1782 points (Fangs), and 1742 points (Miss Brooke) on the season so far.

Skull Crushers is running right behind the podium spots, in fourth place but covering ground with consistantly high scores, they turn in a Week 10 time of 198 points to bring there season total to 1601, followed by Hickory Windies, who drafted behind the Crushers through Week 10 with a 197 point score for 1589 total pointsLoonies and Goonies is in 7th with 1511 total points, and Cintoral Piercings may have thrown a rod or blew rubber in Week 10, dropping from 5th all the way back to 8th with 1506 total points.  The rest of the pack is stretched out behind; High Flyers (1463), Deadshot Bucs (1340), Longwaydwn (1285), and HIGHLANDER, idling around the track in first gear with 878 total points.  Rosters are starting to get thin, with 7 weeks left to go, can the lead three keep the race between them, or will someone from mid-pack cover the distance down the back stretch?