1 Bortle of Beer

FANTASY ADDICTS – In the first week of Ladder Scheduling in the Fantasy Addicts 2017 season, 99 Bortles of Beer have captured their first win of the season(!), beating The Great Khalil by the unbelievable margin of…..2 points.  If the 256-254 victory survives stat corrections, 99 Bortles will go to 1-9-0 on the season, avoiding a goose egg campaign for the year.  TGK will fall to 3-7-0 if the score stands, remaining in second to last place and these two will play each other again in Week 11.  Just above them, the Houston Hostiles and the 2016 Defending Champion On The Rox both went into the first match of the ladder with 3-6-0 records and fought to a close, 208-203 finish.  Houston holds that 208 point win for the moment, but that score may not survive stat corrections either.  If the TGK loss is reversed, they will advance to 4-6-0, move up the ladder and play the ultimate winner of the Houston/Rox game, otherwise, regardless of stat corrections, Houston and Rox will get a rematch in Week 11.

At the top of the ladder, the #1 and #2 teams, the AF#21 Kizzy’s Krackbacks absolutely destroyed the league #2,  AF#25 Mighty Pats 338-236.  Both teams came into the showdown with 7-2-0 records, but it will be meigzoh’s Krackbacks that advance to 8-2-0, while the Mighty Pats drop to 7-3-0, with their final ranking pending stat corrections because of the game just below them.  Black Sheep and Orange Lantern Corps have a 239-238 score at the end of play, with Black Sheep on top, but the one point margin is far too close to call before Thursday’s stat correction deadline.  If Black Sheep hold onto the win, they will be 7-3-0, with a points advantage over Mighty Pats.  In that scenario, Black Sheep will move to #2 and face off with the Krackbacks in Week 11.  If OLC winds up with the win instead, they will be 7-3-0 with a points deficit against Mighty Pats, so the Pats would remain in second place for a rematch with Kizzy.

Right in the middle of the ladder, monkeys on ecstasy beat Suspension Freaks XL, 266-254, a victory not entirely out of reach of a stat correction reversal, although unlikely.  Either way, one of the teams will be 5-5 and remain in 6th place, awaiting a 5th place team to play, but the other of the two will be 6-4, with a points advantage over both Black Sheep AND Orange Lantern so could jump all the way up to 3rd place.  The NFL deadline for stat corrections is every Thursday at 12 noon Eastern;  once Week 10 results and standings are finalized, the Week 11 match-ups will be finalized as well.  Just one week into it, and this is looking like it may be the most exciting Ladder Schedule in Addicts League history.