7-2 vs 7-2 Set to Kick Off Addicts Ladder Schedule

ADDICTS – The regular season came to an exciting finish in Week 9 in the Fantasy Addicts League with Black Sheep pulling off an upset victory, 254-221 to snap the AF#25 Mighty Pats’ 7 game win-streak, and drop them into 2nd place after a whole season spent in the #1 spot.  Fantasy Addicts has a 9 game regular season stretching through Weeks 1-9, with a round robin format where every team plays every other team once.  After Week 9, an interim period between the regular season and the playoffs ensues, where teams play a ladder schedule in Weeks 10-13.  In the Addicts’ ladder schedule, match-ups are reset week to week so that teams are matched to their opponent based on standings; #1 plays #2, #3 plays #4, and so on.  Teams must climb the ladder to make it into – or remain – in the top half of the field for a shot at the post season.

The Mighty Pats’ Week 9 upset loss, leaves them with a 7-2-0 record, sitting in second place.  League expansion squad, the AF#21 Kizzy’s Krackbacks match the Pats at 7-2-0 but after beating the defending champs, On The Rox, 253-225 in Week 9, the Krackbacks enjoy a 75 point total scoring lead over Mighty Pats to take over at #1 overall.  It sets up the pair for a heavyweight marquee game to kick off the ladder portion of the Fantasy Addicts schedule – two 7-2-0 squads going toe to toe.  The pair last met all the way back in Week 1, Kizzy’s debut game in the league, and they came out on top, beating the Pats 317-166 for a statement entry into the Addicts league and after 9 weeks, are the number 1 scoring offense in the league (1076 offensive points).  The performance would turn out to be a total anomally for the Mighty Pats ensuing season, as they followed the loss with a 7 game win-streak, averaging 289 points per game over the span.  If they were to keep that scoring pace up, it would accoount for a record setting season.

The win over Mighty Pats propels Black Sheep to a 6-3-0 record for 3rd overall where they’re set to face Orange Lantern Corps who duked it out with AF#22 Suspension Freaks XL in Week 9 and came out on top 250-240OLC is 6-3-0 as well, but trails Black Sheep by a couple hundred points in 4th place.  The XL Freaks’ loss, they’re second in a row, puts them at 5-4-0 and drops them to 5th place going into the ladder where they’ll face the 5-4-0 monkeys on ecstasy who’ve, conversely, won their last two, including a Week 9 demolition of the Houston Hostiles 278-206.   That leaves the Champs, On The Rox, and their 3-6-0 record, playing Houston, also 3-6-0, and on the bottom rung, the 3-6-0 TGK facing the still winless 99 Bortles of Bad Luck.  Four weeks on the ladder, is theoretically enough time to climb from the bottom of the ladder into the playoffs, and it’s an eternity if you’re at the top forced to play the League #2 every week; five of these teams will make it into the Addicts 2017 playoffs, but only one will be the Ladder Champion.