Half-Way Lap

SUICIDE SQUAD – Week 8 marks the half way lap in the Suicide Squad and bye weeks and injuries are starting to take their toll on teams in this 17 week points race.  There was just a little bit of shuffling in the middle of the pack after this week’s scores, but the leaders remain the same with Tmande’s  AF#2 Our Miss Brooke in the #99 car holding onto the poll position for the second consecutive lap.

AF#8 Finkle is Einhorn remains in second, drafting right behind Miss Brooke, the pair of them turning in Week 8 scores of 130 and 156, respectively, to bring their points total to 1487 for Miss Brooke in first and 1478 for Finkle right behind.  AF#21 Tigershark Dracula Fangs is right behind in the 3rd slot, turning in the second highest score of Week 8 – 167 points – just as they did last week, for 1370 total points.

#66 Clintoral Piercings moved up from 6th to 4th place in Week 8

The most significant move of lap 8 came from Clintoral Piercings in the #66 Raiders coupe, as they turned in the week’s high score for the second time this season with 172 points to boost their total to 1283, helping them pass 2 to and move from 6th to 4th to lead the pack that’s chasing the podium runners.  The double pass, displaced Loonies and Goonies (1268) who had been running in 4th, as well as Skull Crushers (1259) who turned in the 3rd highest score of the Week at 164 points.  Bringing up the back of the mid-pack is Hickory Windies in the #77 turbo gyrocopter, right behind the Crushers with 1252 total points. 

The teams in that middle pack are all bunched close together in traffic (1283, 1268, 1259, and 1252 points) jockeying for position in an attempt close the gap on the leaders, whle a third tier of teams begin falling behind and stretching out in the rear of the field – Deadshot Bucs 1170, Behind the 8 Ball 1165, High Flyers 1145, Longwaydwn  1066, and HIGHLANDERS 668.  The strain of bye weeks and injuries without pit lane priviledges to pick up free agents, however are making it hard for all the teams to advance on their positions as Week 8 scores were down across the board, including the second lowest weekly showing all season from both Miss Brooke and Einhorn.