Purple Power

IFFL – The first meeting of two Association Top 10 teams this season took place in Week 7 in the IFFL as the AF#6 Scottish Claymores faced off against the AF#7 New Orleans VooDoo.  Both teams had been climbing in the rankings coming into the game, ranked AF#11 (Scotland) and AF#15 (New Orleans) just a week before.  The Claymores were 4-2-0 and had scored over 200 points in 4 of 6 games this season, and just under 200 in a fifth outing, while the VooDoo were 4-2-0 as well, with the both of them trailing only the Los Angeles Dragons in total scoring this year.  New Orleans took a 20 point lead on Thursday on the strength of their star rookie halfback and would remain in front for the rest of the matchup.  The VooDoo posted a combined 5 touchdowns and almost 600 yards from the quarterback position and got strong performances from the tight end and defense positions as well, defeating the Claymores 216-154.  The pair come out of the game still ranked #2 and #3 in the league, both in standings and in total scoring, trailing the juggernaut Dragons who Scotland have already lost to and New Orleans must face in Week 9.

For the Dragons, Week 7 was another win – their fifth in a row – as they advance to 6-1-0, beating the Kuala Lumpur Tigers  206-153Chicago and Rochester battled it out for third and fourth place in the tough Americas Division with the Grizzlies coming out on top with a 200-135 win.  Rochester is now 4-3-0 and ranked 4th in the league right behind the Claymores while the Red Stars fall to 2-4-0, lingering at last in the division.

The Europa Division has become a tight, 3-way race between Scotland, Cardiff, and Venice, each with a 4-3-0 record after Venice came out on top of a close one, 179-173 with Istanbul, while Cardiff lost their Week 7 game against Hawaii, 162-150.  Hawaii – still the only team to have beaten the Dragons – retakes control of the new Pacific Division, 3-4-0 after the win over Cardiff, but Perth moves abreast of them, also at 3-4-0.  The Panthers, who had a huge Week 6, posted their second win in a row with their Week 7 victory, 189-170 over Melbourne who remain in the basement with the KL Tigers, both with a 2-5-0 record.

Week 8 is shaping up to be an exciting one as British Isle rivals Scotland and Cardiff face off, ranked #3 and #6 in the league and each coming off a hard loss they’ll need to rebound from.  The 2015 League Champion Killerwhales will take their turn at trying to take down Los Angeles, and Hawaii will defend their spot at the top of the division against Melbourne in the expansion teams’ first ever contest.