Scorched Track

99 Our Miss Brooke turned in a record track time of 252 points in Week 7 to pass 33 Finkle is Einhorn for first place

SUICIDE SQUAD – The pack leaders in the Suicide Squad – Points Race League absolutely scorched the track in Week 7 with 4 teams turning in a score over 200 points, including the lap winner, Tmande’s Our Miss Brooke with a season-high 252 points to overtake Finkle is Einhorn for the pole position.  It was a blistering track time, beating the previous season-high of 249 that was shared by both Miss Brooke and Finkle, and with it, Miss Brooke takes over the lead for the second time this race with 1357 total points.  It’s the biggest lead they’ve had yet on Finkle who falls into second with 1322 total points after turning in their own +200 Week 7 score of 202 points.

77 Hickory Windies has climbed from 10th place in Week 5, to the 5th spot on the strength of two fast laps including a top 3 finish in Week 7.

Finkle’s 202 points in Week 7 wasn’t quite enough to get them into the Week’s top 3, as Tigershark Dracula Fangs clocked in at 221 pointsjust 5 points off their best weekly run, and Hickory Windies beat the 200 mark also with a 204 point weekend.  The Fangs slid right by Loonies and Goonies to take over third place, with the front three racers setting a breakneck pace for the field to follow.  Just over a third of the way through, the race is starting to settle into tiers, with the leaders – Miss Brooke (1357), Finkle (1322), and Dracula (1203) – establishing themselves as front-runners and leaving the rest of the field behind.  Early still, but barring calamity, the season is starting to look like a three way race instead of a 12-way.

With their 141 point Week 7 score, the Loonies slip into fourth place, at the front of the second wave of racers with an 1161 point total.  On the strength of their top 3 Week 7 finish (204 points)  Hickory Windies jumped from 8th all the way to 5th position at 1119 points, and with two strong weeks in a row, are challenging Loonies for 4th.  Clintoral Piercings are right on the Windies’ bumper, totaling 1111 points from the 6th spot, and Skull Crushers are roaring right behind them with 1095 in 7th place.  These four are looking for an injury or bye week troubles to trip up one of the leaders so they can make a move into the front of the pack, while the rest of the field is starting to fall far enough back that they’ll need a miracle to get to the front at the pace the leaders are setting.