Curtain Call


FANTASY CIRCUS – Week 7 in AF’s Fantasy Circus marks the conclusion of Round 1 and the curtain call for 8 teams that will not be advancing to the next round.  In the first 7 weeks of the season, Circus teams played a single round robin of 7 games within their 8-team groups, only the best four teams from each of those 2 groups will be advancing, and it came down to the wire for some of those teams, needing to win or outscore other teams in the final week of Round 1.  For the teams that are eliminated, it’s the end of the road for their 2017 season, and their rosters will be cleared to waivers.  For the four teams from each group that advance to Round 2, they’ll get to attack the waivered players like it’s Christmas morning, and then will be grouped into a new group of 8 teams, where they’ll all start with an 0-0-0 record and a brand new round robin schedule.  The best four will advance to the final round in Week 15.

The Clown Car Eliminations:

  1. Gig City Knighhawks (3-3-1-212)
  2. Mighty Pats (3-4-0-202)
  3. Cintoral Piercings (2-3-2-169)
  4. Desert Dogs (2-4-1-134)

The Elephant Troupe Eliminations:

  1. Ladies and Edelman (4-3-0-186)
  2. jolly joe (3-4-0-165)
  3. Diamonds in the Rough (2-5-0-130)
  4. CHINCHILLA MAGIC (2-5-0-84)

Round 2 in the Fantasy Circus is often called the High Wire, and this year’s group of teams advancing to the Round 2 High Wire includes last season’s 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place finishersCutlering the Cheese, Sock Bandits, and King George Bluto’s, respectively, and also includes the AF Registered Coaches: Tmande, Nexecutioner, Coach Blueshoes, and Coach Crash

Visit the Circus 17 Page for more information or to follow the Round 2 standings