BowMen vs…….Bowman?

SUPER 16 – It’s already been an amazing run for the Super 16’s league leader, the AF#1 SF’s Bowmen (5-1-0), and the season is only 7 weeks in.  If 2017 is turning out to be a storybook year for the BowMen, then Week 7 is where the plot thickens.  The San Francisco Archers have played 3 games in a row against teams that were ranked in the Top 25 in the Association and that were also ranked top 3 in the league, going 2-1 in the stretch, the loss by just 2 points.  They’ve averaged 218 points per game over the last 5 games, and just this week moved into the AF#1 spot, statistically, the best team in the Association.  Now, for the 4th consecutive week, they must do it once more, this time, with a plot twist.

NaVorro Bowman…once a 49er, now a Raider, but still a BowMen starter

1 Eye Til I Die (5-1-0) is the other half of one of the biggest rivalries in the Association, cross-bay rivals, S16 West Division rivals, this pair came into the league together and have played each other a total of 5 times.  They played each other in their very first game in the league, and BowMen delivered one of just 3 losses 1 Eye would suffer that season.  Coach Mac’s Raider franchise won the teams’ next 3 meetings, but in their last meeting, just 2 weeks ago, BowMen beat 1 Eye in a shootout, 245-205.  Now they meet again in the Super 16’s Week 7 Game of the Week with the winner going one game up in the league and in the race for the first round BYE.  Complicating the story, is the case of NaVorro Bowmen.  Just this week, the SF BowMen’s namesake parted ways with the parent organization, heading for none other than 1 Eye’s Raider franchise.

SF’s BowMen‘s signal caller, Alex Smith, had a 48 point night Thursday.

This match is already underway, 1 Eye’s hometeam players having taken the field Thursday night.  With their starting quarterback out for the season, their hometeam back up stepped up and delivered 3 touchdowns and over 400 yards (47 points) including over 200 yards and 2 touchdowns (39 points) to their lead receiver, and helped 1 Eye out the gate with a 115 point start.  Their parent franchise won on Thursday night, coming back from a 6 point deficit to win by scoring 3 touchdowns and an extra point for 7, their defense in that game led by Bowman, who posted a 19 point night…..but ironically, though traded in the NFL, Bowman remains on BowMen’s roster, and those were 19 points scored for the Archers from a Raider uniform!  Along with their own quarterback posting 48 points on the Raider defense, SF’s BowMen survived 1 Eye’s hometeam players 67-115 at the break.   The rest of this match could be season defining for both of them.

Across the league, in the South Division, the AF#18 Birds of Prey (4-2-0) meet the Who Dat Saints (4-2-0) for the first time this season in what should be an epic battle for control of the division.  The Birds lost last week to SF’s BowMen but are averaging 190 points per game, while the Who Dats are riding a 4 game win-streak.  In the only SimulPlay Game this week, the East Division is up for grabs as defending champ Northern Fins (4-2-0) will try to hold onto #1 against Geno’s Jaw Breakers (3-3-0) whose 3 wins have all been against division foes.  Indy has a chance this week to ride some momentum and close on the North Division leaders as they play the #15 Eagle has landed, while Motor City must play bye strength at Houston, and The Dawgs draw an evenly matched Broncs team.