World League Premier Match for Week 7

WORLD LEAGUE – This week marks the midway point in the World League‘s Regular Season, and  two teams midway in the pack are featured in the Premier Match of the week.  The Dacusville Devils and the Jerusalem Cheeseheads are both at .500 with 3-3-0 records, sitting in the middle of their conference standings, and this could be the game that defines which way the rest of their season will go.  This pair has a 5 game history, with the Cheeseheads leading 3 games to 2, including a 2014 playoff semifinal that Jerusalem won 78-52.  The Cheeseheads would go on to win World Bowl 3 the following week.  Jerusalem returned to the playoffs in 2015, but not in 2016, the season the Devils won their Wold Bowl in 2016.  Dacusville beat Jerusalem that year, their last meeting, 73-65.  They are both averaging around 90 points per game this season, appearing pretty evenly matched, but the latest line has the Devils as 11 point favorites.

The AF#13 Scandinavian Stars have a chance to solidify their #1 position, drawing the last in league City of Champions, while two of their closest competitors, England and Mexico are both 4-2-0 and facing each other, so only one can emerge 5-2-0.  The AF#17 Buenos Aires Blue Dogs, the other 4-2-0 team, plays the expansion Milan Wild Boars (2-4-0) who are averaging 109 points per game over the last two weeksDublin Bay (2-4-0) will try to climb out of the basement, playing New Orleans (3-3-0) who’s trying to keep from sliding in, and London Falling (3-3-0) will play the expansion Cali Rox (2-4-0) for the first time.