BowMen To #1 Like an Arrow

AF TOP 25 – In a week that saw the emotional departure of the franchise’s namesake, SF’s BowMen rallied to a monster win in the Super 16‘s Week 6 Game of the Week.  Taking on the AF#20 Birds of Prey, BowMen shot them down 216-197.  The juggernaut BowMen are 5-1-0, breaking 200 points for the 5th consecutive week and moving up from #3 to #1 on this week’s Top 25.  BowMen’s Points Rank (PR) Score dropped almost 30 points from last week’s rankings, from 82 to 53, where they managed to edge out last week’s #1 who came in with a 55 PR Score The Los Angeles Dragons (5-1-0) playing in the IFFL this season after moving from the World League, slipped down to #2 after just 1 week at the top, coming in with a PR Score just 2 points off of BowMen’s.  The Dragons’ PR Score dropped from 47 last week to 55 on this week’s list, still ahead of AF#3 Suspension Freaks and their 75 PR.  The Legion of Defense’s defending Champion, the Freaks were #1 in Weeks 3 and 4 and remain the only team in the Association with a PR Score that’s never gone above 100 all season.

The AF Top 25 is the weekly ranking for all of the teams playing in Association Leagues based on 5 distinct categories (Record, Overall Wins, Consistency, Point Percentage, Coaching Efficiency).  Each category is then weighted and combined to give an overall Power Rank (PR) score.  Each week, our Stats Department releases the new rankings, based on teams’ PR Scores. The scores can range from 15 (a perfect score) to 1590 (last in every category)(For a full description of each category and how it is weighted, please visit the new Stats FAQ page, found either at that link or as a sub-tab under the new AF Stats menu tab.)  The rankings are cumulative through to Week 17 measuring teams’ performances through the entire season.

A new list is published each week under the all-new AF Stats menu tab and you can view the full rankings of all 106 teams playing in Association Leagues under the AF Rankings sub-tab, complete with their stats in all ranking categories.  For a quick look, the Top 25 gets its own sub-tab there, as well as being highlighted here each week.

Top 25 Through Week 6:

  1. SF’s BowMen –  For three weeks in a row, BowMen’s opponents have been ranked in the top 3 in League as well as all being AFTop 25 teams.  Week 7 will be 4 weeks straight, when they play League #2 and AF#20 1 Eye Till I Die
  2. Los Angeles Dragons – After relocating to the IFFL, Joey Drakor‘s Dragons continue their miracle season, having outscored the league average 1211 to 822 so far this season.
  3. Suspension Freaks –  Shane Rocks‘ Suspension Freaks have finished with PR Scores of 39, 59, 69, and 75 this year, the only team whose score has yet to dip abaove a hundred
  4. Kokomo Kings – rising one spot from the previous week, the Kings are dominating the Dixie League in both scoring and total touchdowns
  5. Our Miss BrookeTmande‘s entry into the Suicide Squad Points Race League, Miss Brooke stays ahead of Finkle is Einhorn in rankings this week, while still trailing by 15 points on the season.


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