Meet The Pats

FANTASY ADDICTS – While the rest of the league’s been having grudge matches and flaunting flashy numbers, the Mighty Pats have quietly put together a 5 game win-streak in Fantasy Addicts after beating Orange Lantern Corps (4-2-0) 282-255.  Coached by the ubiqiutous man of mystery, Mighty Pats, the Addicts Pats club takes over 1st place with the win, a game ahead of OLC and also AF#21 Suspension Freaks XL (4-2-0).

Suspension Freaks lost in Week 6, 258-261 to Black Sheep, and should that close win be overturned by stat corrections, XL would leapfrog Mighty Pats back into 1st place.  The AF#23 Kizzy’s Krackbacks went into Week 6 at 3-2-0.  If they can hold onto a 1 and a half point win over the Houston Hostiles, they’ll advance to 4-2-0 as well and leapfrog into 2nd place, but if the win is overturned and Black Sheep’s win holds, Black Sheep will be the new #2.  With ladder scheduling just 3 weeks away, the standings are setting up like a daisey chain.  The Great Khalil (1-5-0), beat monkeys on ecstasy, 263-241 to get their first win of the season, while 99 Bortles is still searching for theirs after losing 246-275 to On The Rox.

Mighty Pats can pad their lead when they take on the last place 99 Bortles, while Kizzy and the Lanterns must fight each other to stay in step with the Patriots.  Suspension Freaks XL will try to cage the monkeys, and the Sheep and Rox meet.  TGK will try for their second win against Houston.