Loonies and Goonies in Tune

SUICIDE SQUAD – Belching plumes of smoke down the track, Loonies and Goonies in the #4 Acme Ratrod is reaching Taz-Speed, finishing in the top 3, two laps in a row in the Suicide Squad Points Race.  That includes this week’s 205 point finish to win the lap.  Gaining momentum, the Goonies shot up from sixth into third with 1020 season points, swinging wide around Clintoral Piercings and Tigershark Dracula Fangs who are exchanging paint, tied for 4th place with 982 points each.

Finkle is Einhorn is still leading the pack with 1120 points.  They’ve had the pole position for 5 of 6 laps so far, but are turning in a 149 point Week 6 – their second lowest of the race,  just one week after their lowest – and are now trying to fend Our Miss Brook in the number #99 car at every turn.  Miss Brooke is just 15 points back from Finkle, and with another week like their 185 point Week 6 outing, they’ll take the lead.

Skull Crushers have fallen to 5th (962) with Behind the 8 Ball (951) right behind in 6th.  Hickory Windies (915) picked up a Week 6 tailwind and moved up from 10th to eighth, while Deadshot Bucs (866) and High Flyers (865) are scrapping paint down the front straight.  Longwaydwn (816) and HIGHLANDERS9545) remain 11th and 12th.  Now 6 weeks into the race, some of these engines are going to start showing signs of fatigue as the bye weeks hit and teams rosters deplete.  The next 3-5 laps are going to show who has the stamina for the home stretch.