First Act Finale

FANTASY CIRCUS – The upcoming Week 7 will mark the grand finale of the first round in the Association‘s elimination league, Fantasy Circus.  After the Week 7 games, only the top 4 teams from each group will advance to the next round.  The teams that are eliminated will have their rosters cleared to waivers where the advancing teams get a chance to improve their rosters.  Below is the outlook for which teams will be advancing*.

The Clown Car

  • Five teams are vying for four spots
  • Windsor Tuskers (4-2-0) – will advance with a win or 21 or more points than any one the teams ranked #2-#5
  • King George Bluto’s (3-3-1) and Sock Bandits (3-3-1) can clinch with a win or with a loss and out scoring Wet Work or Pats in total scoring
  • Wet Work scrappers (3-3-0), and Mighty Pats (3-3-0) can clinch with a win if only one wins, or can clinch being the higher total scoring loser, or lose and out score the loser of the Bandits-Bluto’s game by a wide enough margin
  •   Gig City, Desert Dogs, and Cintoral Piercings cannot advance.

The Elephant Troupe

  • Six teams vying for four spots
  • Cutlering The Cheese (4-2-0), TOBACCO ROAD (4-2-0), and I’m Staring at her TDs (4-2-0) can clinch with a win or with a loss and a higher season total than any two of the teams ranked 4th-6th
  • jolly joe (3-3-0) and Ladies and Edelman (3-3-0) can clinch with a win AND a Nobody’s Collin lose or a Nobody’s Colin win if they outscore by 24/31 points
  • Nobody’s Colin (3-3-0) can clinch witha win that outscores the winner of the jolly joe-Ladies Edelman game by 24/31
  • Chinchilla Magic and Diamonds in the Rough cannot advance


*These scenarios are not binding.