WORLD LEAGUE – It was an AF Top 25 match-up featured in the World League‘s Week 6 Premier Match as the AF#20 Scandinavian Stars (4-1-0) faced the AF#25 Mexico Aztecs (4-1-0).  A possible World Bowl preview, this game was close untill Monday night when the Stars put it away with their flexback, Derrick Henry’s 23 points, beating the Aztecs 112-87.  Scandinavia has dominated this series, historically, and goes up 4 games to 1 against Mexico, snapping the Aztecs three game win-streak.  Now at 5-1-0 Scandinavia is the clear number one in the World League.  They have now won 14 of their last 20 games going back to 2016, averaging 105 points per game over that same stretch.  One of those loses was to the Dacusville Devils in World Bowl 5, and this week’s score will allow them to overtake Dacusville for first in total scoring.

The AF#16 Devils suffered a brutal upset loss, 59-102 to London Falling, leaving them 3-3-0 and 3rd in the Western Conference, but the Buenos Aires Blue Dogs delivered a convincing 127-69 victory over the English Patriots and will advance to 4-2-0, with a points advantage over Mexico to take the Conference #1 spot after losing head to head to the Aztecs just last week.  In the rest of the Western Conference, New Orleans won a close one late in the game against Jerusalem, 91-88, but Cali lost 69-105 to Milan in the first meeting of the league’s 2017 expansion teams, and City of Champions beat Dublin Bay for last place, losing 90-92.

Scandinavia enjoys a 1 game league over the Patriots in the Eastern Conference, and in Week 7 will face the #12 City of Champions while England must contend with the Aztecs who will likely slip out of the Top 25 after the loss.