WFL Week 5: Premier World Match

WORLD LEAGUE – Week 6 marks the beginning of inter-conference play in the World League and the scheduling gods are smiling as the first chance Eastern and Western Conference teams get to face each other in 2017 brings the number one team from each conference face to face.  On display as this weeks Premier World Match, the #1 overall Scandinavian Stars (4-1-0) take on the #2 overall Mexico Aztecs (4-1-0).  Each team heads into the match in the top spot of their respective conferences, and both teams find themselves ranked this week on the AF Top 25, with Scandinavia coming in at AF#20 and Mexico at AF#25.

With identical win-loss records, the Stars and Aztecs are separated by just 7 total points on the season (2nd and 3rd overall in total scoring), and each of them have their conference 2nd place team breathing down their throat.  In the west, that would be the defending Champion AF#16 Dacusville Devils (3-2-0), 1 game back, but leading the league in total scoring, and in the East, the Old England Patriots share the Stars’ 4-1-0 record, but trail them by about 20 points.  That makes this game all the more important for both Mexico and Scandinavia.  This match will mark the 5th time these two franchises have played each other and the Stars have the edge in the series 3 games to 1, but the momentum coming into this one is all Mexico’s riding a 3 game win streak.

Dacusville plays London Falling (3-2-0) this weekend, hoping for a win and an Aztec slip up to give the Devils control of the Western Conference.  The Patriots, meanwhile will control the East if they can beat the Buenos Aires Blue Dogs (3-2-0) and get help from a Scandinavian loss.  The Blue Dogs are in a position to move back into number 1 as well if both Mexico and Dacusville go down in Week 6.