Week 5 Top 25: Dragons Soar To #1

TOP 25 – The numbers are in for Week 5 in the Association and the Stats Department has just released the latest Top 25 as well as the rankings of all 106 Association teams and after two weeks at AF#1, the Legion of Defense’s Suspension Freaks have been overtaken by the Los Angeles Dragons of the IFFL.  After a monster win against their biggest rival, SF’s BowMen of the Super 16 has moved up 3 spots to claim AF#3 to round out the top 3 spots on this weeks list.

Each week, our Stats Department pours through the data from the past weekend’s games to compile a ranking for all of the teams playing in Association Leagues based on 5 distinct categories (Record, Overall Wins, Consistency, Point Percentage, Coaching Efficiency).  Each category is the weighted and combined to give an overall Power Rank (PR) score.  Teams’ PR scores have an inverse value, meaning the lower the score, the higher the team ranks – The PR scores can range from 15 (a perfect score) to 1590 (last in every category)(For a full description of each category and how it is weighted, please visit the new Stats FAQ page, found either at that link or as a sub-tab under the new AF Stats menu tab.)  The rankings are cumulative through to Week 17 measuring teams’ performances through the entire season.

A new list is published each week under the all-new AF Stats menu tab and you can view the full rankings of all 106 teams playing in Association Leagues under the AF Rankings sub-tab, complete with their stats in all ranking categories.  For a quick look, the Top 25 gets its own sub-tab there, as well as being highlighted here each week.

Week 5 Top 25:

  1. Los Angeles Dragons (IFFL) – The first team in the IFFL to cross the thousand point threshold this week, Joey Drakor’s Dragons have won 3 in a row, unseating last week’s number 1 with a Week 5 PR score that improved by 17 points
  2. Suspension Freaks (Legion of Defense) – The Legion’s Defense of the Week, the Freaks, coached by Shane Rocks, have been #1 for the past two weeks consecutively, but could not hold off the surging Dragons
  3. SF’s BowMen (Super 16) – BowMen are coming off of a monster 245-205 victory against their biggest league rival (AF#6 1 Eye Til I Die)  that was good enough to get them into the League Record Book at #14 on the all-time single game scoring record
  4. Finkle is Einhorn (Suicide Squad) – Finkle fell out of the top 3 this week after their lowest scoring week of the season, but they remain in first place in the inaugural season of this Points Race League (PRL)
  5. Kokomo Kings (The Dixie) – These Mississippi Monarchs scored 2 times the league average this week in the Association’s baseball-themed Dixie League and lead the league in both touchdowns and total scoring
  6. 1 Eye Til I Die (Super 16) – Coach Mac’s Raider franchise sits at #2 overall in the S16, behind AF#3 SF’s BowMen who delivered their only loss so far this season.
  7. The weeks biggest movers, both up and down the rankings

    Our Miss Brooke (Suicide Squad) – Tmande’s entry in the SS-PRL has only led the field for one week so far this season, but has been one of the most consistant teams in the league’s inaugural season and comes in as the only team on this week’s Top 25 with no movement either up or down

  8. Chinese Bandits (Legion of Defense) – The Legion’s other Tiger franchise, the Bandits are share Suspension Freaks’ 4-1-0 record and trail them by just half a sack in the season total sacks race (24.5 total)
  9. TOBACCO ROAD (Fantasy Circus) – a rookie entry in this season’s Fantasy Circus, TOBACCO ROAD has 3 top 10 players on their roster
  10. Jim Bob Cooter’s Rodeo (League 28) – Jim Bob has won the 280 Award in 3 of 5 weeks so far in League 28

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