Bear Attack!

The Mexico City Warriors relocated in the 2016-17 off season becoming the Rochester Grizzlies

IFFL – After relocating from Mexico City to Rochester, New York this off-season, the Grizzlies have gotten off to a hot and cold start in the IFFL‘s 2017 season, but they may have just found their stride, exploding in Week 5 with a 217-72 mauling of the expansion Istanbul Lions.  Led by a quarterback tandem that put up a hundred points on their owm, the Grizzlies had 7 of 11 positions turn in double digit performances, including their defense and generated over a thousand yards (1062) of total offense.  Taking bitter with the sweet, however, they also lost their stud wide receiver to a likely season ending injury, so it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to the adversity, but for the moment, they can celebrate advancing their record to 3-2-0 behind the League’s high score of the week.

IFFL Total Scoring Through Week 5

Stuck in the high flying America’s Division, Rochester will need every win and point they can get, still in third place behind the AF#5 New Orleans VooDoo and the expansion AF#2 Los Angeles Dragons that have exploded onto the IFFL.  The VooDoo took a loss in Week 5, falling to the expansion Melbourne Maulers 163-189 and tieing records with Rochester at 3-2-0, but the Dragons won again, their 3rd in a row, destroying the Perth Panthers 178-84.  It was the lowest scoring performance they’ve had all season, but enough to be the first team to top a thousand points on the year and keep them in the #1 spot, though it may not be enough to get them up to #1 on the AF Top 25.  Last year’s League Runner-Up, the Chicago Red Stars dropped a close one, 130-137 against the league number 2 Cardiff Crusaders to fall to 2-3-0 at the bottum of the division.

In the Europa Division, Cardiff’s victory leaves them with a 4-1-0 record, a game ahead of their rival, the AF#18 Scottish Claymores who sit at 3-2-0 after a 200-188 shootout victory over rising power Hawaii.  Second place in division, the Claymores are third in the league and sit at second overall in total scoring behind los Angeles who delivered one of their losses.  The Istanbul franchise has quarterback problems that led, in part, to their loss to Rochester and their 2-3-0 record, while the Venice killerwhales advance to 2-3-0 in the closest win of the week, beating Kuala Lumpur  175-173 in a win they’ll hope survives stat corrections.

Despite the loss to Scotland, the Hawaiin Beach Bums still control the Pacific Division due to points more than record.  Hawaii, Melbourne, and the KL Tigers all share a 2-3-0 record, while the Perth Panthers drop to 1-4-0 after their Week 5 loss to the Dragons.   Hawaii has about a 70 point lead in total points over the Maulers and Tigers who are each neck and neck with each other, and of the three, Melbourne may have the easiest Week 6 match-up, facing the Lions of Istanbul.  The Beach Bums will try to hold onto the division with a game against Venice, while Kuala Lumpur and Perth, the pair of teams that could use a break most, must face #3 Scotland and #2 Cardiff.  The Red Stars will take their turn trying to capture the Dragons in Week 6, and New Orleans and Rochester – the #3 and #4 scoring teams in the league – will play in what will likely be a shootoout where the last team with possession wins it.