Piercing Through The Pack

SUICIDE SQUAD – In a display of speed and brute horsepower, the 66 car, Clintoral Piercings turned in a Week 5 lap time of 229.00 points, to catapault them from 8th place, up through the pack to the fourth position, just 9 points back from the top 3.  It was their fastest lap so far this season, and the fourth highest score of any team all year in the Suicide Squad, giving them 845.00 total points.  In the pole position, AF#3 Finkle is Einhorn still has the lead, but stumbled this week, turning in just 117.00 points, their lowest score of the year, for a 971.00 point total.  The lower lap time allowed AF#7 Tmande’s Our Miss Brooke to begin closing the gap with their Week 5 score of 132.00, along with AF#16 Tigershark Dracula Fangs right behind them with a 128.00 score to round out the top 3 teams.

Skull Crushers turned in their second lowest time of the season, a still respectable 150.00 points, but fell from 4th to 5th with 838.00 total points as Clintoral Piercings scraped past them on the back straight.  Just behind the Crushers, Loonies and Goonies had their best week of the year – 181.00 points – but still dropped back a spot thanks to the Piercer’s burst of speed.  The Goonies did manage to close the gap on Skull Crushers, however, and are now bearing down on them, looking to pass with 819.00 total points.  Behind The 8 Ball posted the 3rd best score of the week for the second week in a row, and moved up a spot for the second week as well, sitting in 7th with 790.00 total points, followed by Deadshot Bucs in 8th with 762.00.  High Flyers has dropped into 9th position (741.00), followed by Hickory Windies (722.00), and Longwaydwn (698.00).  HIGHLANDERS remains in lastplace, significantly back of the field with 431.00 total points.

As teams begin rolling into their bye weeks, with injuries thrown in, and no chance to pit, there could be some significant shuffling and lots of chances for teams to close in on each other.  With just under a third of the race complete and 12 weeks still to go, anything can happen.