Super Rox


FANTASY ADDICTS -How do you beat a Super Villain? With a Super Hero, of course.  Week 5 in the Fantasy Addicts, when league super villain Orange Lantern Corps (4-0) stood on the brink of advancing to 5-0 by completing a sweep of the Addict’s charter members, it was their rival, defending Champion On The Rox that stepped up to stop them, beating them 312-230.  The match was the latest installment in the Rox-Lantern rivalry, a series that now stands 4 games to 2 in Rox’s favor.  Dan “The Polish Rifle” Mayhoff’s OLC falls to 4-1 and out of first place, tumbling all the way to 3rd, while On the Rox will just be 2-3, but based on total scoring will jump ahead of the pack all the way from 8th up to 5th place.  If these two wind up close in the standings when ladder scheduling begins in Week 10, things could get interesting.

Suspension Freaks XL, Shane Rocks’ Addicts franchise, battled their way to a victory in the most exciting game of the weekend, beating The Great Khalil 316-303 in a close one that wasn’t decided until late in the game on Monday Night Football.  At 4-1, the expansion Freaks will take over first place, leading the other one loss teams on total points, while TGK continues to struggle at 0-5.  It’s worth noting that parkhallmark’s Khalil started the 2016 season 0-5 as well, before going on a 7 game win-streak to make it into the playoffs.  The third 4-1 franchise, league powerhouse Mighty Pats, dispatched Houston, 290-234 to move into second place; they’ll face the third place Orange Lanterns next week in what should be a phenomenal game.

In another close game, this one featuring the league’s other new franchise, meigzoh’s Kizzy’s Krackbacks, play went into Monday night as well.  Despite their best efforts though, the Krackbacks could not pull off the come from behind victory, scoring 28 points, but watching as monkeys on ecstasy scored 10 of their own to take an 11 point win, 282-271.  Both teams are now 3-2.  The closest match of Week 5, however was the 218-213 photo finish between Black Sheep and 99 Bortles of Beer, the Sheep fending off a 34 point comeback attempt late into the Monday night finale.  Bortles remains winless and in last place, and will face the defending champ On The Rox next week looking for an upset.