Tigers Maul Melbourne

IFFL – After starting the season with back to back losses in Weeks 1 and 2, the expansion Kuala Lumpur Tigers in the IFFL got their first win in Week 3, barely edging out the Cardiff Crusaders in a low scoring 104-101 victory.  But by Week 4, things seemed to be coming together for the new franchise as parkhallmark’s Tigers roared in a 250-127 slaughter of their division foe Melbourne Maulers.  Their defense alone was responsible for 34 points and they generated almost a hundred more just from the running back position, and while one of their QBs went down to injury in the game (David Carr), their second signal caller, Andy Dalton, wearing Kuala Lumpur’s tigerstripes, more than made up for it with his 55 point performance.  The win propels them to a 2-2 record and 2nd place in the IFFL‘s new Pacific Division and falls just a single point shy of getting them onto the top 20 single game performances of all time in the League Record Book.

The Maulers fall to 1-3 and just 4 points short of being last in division after not being able to get anything going on the day.   Melbourne got just a combined 4 points from their passers, and although they got good performances from stars Devonta Freeman, Jordy Nelson, and DeAndree Hopkins, the rest of their squad left them high and dry.  The KL Tigers now trail Hawaii by just 65 points for the division lead after the Beach Bums beat Perth, 169-135 to even their own record at 2-2.  Last year’s South Division Champs, Perth remains in last place in the Pacific, 1-3 and 4 points behind the rival Maulers.

A look at the Los Angeles Dragons’ scoring through the first four weeks and how their score ranked each week among the other IFFL teams

In the Americas Division, the Los Angeles Dragons continue burning their swath of destruction through the IFFL, after transfering from the rival World League.  They remain in 1st overall in the division and the league after beating Rochester 191-166 and have also outscored the rest of the league by a good margin, almost a hundred points more than #2 on the list and exactly 300 points more than last place.  They were ranked AF#2 in the Association on last week’s AF Top 25 as they try to win a Crystal Globe Award to go with their Atlas Trophy.  Right behind them in the division, the New Orleans VooDoo beat division rival Chicago Red Stars in perhaps the most exciting game of the week.  The 181-161 final score doesn’t tell the story of how close this game was, separated by just a couple of points at times all the way through to MNF until the VooDoo’s star back put the nail in the coffin late in the game.  New Orleans was ranked at AF#12 on last week’s Top 25 but remains stuck behind Los Angeles in 2nd place in the division.

The newly created Europa Division had an IFFL team in the debut AF Top 25 of Week 3 as well, but the AF#9 Scottish Claymores suffered an upset loss to the expansion Istanbul Lions, 174-144, leaving both teams with a 2-2 record.  The division leader, anual powerhouse Cardiff Crusaders, advance to 3-1 after defeating the Venice Killerwhales, 168-124.  Venice, the 2015 League Champions, have had a surprisingly rough start this season and currently sit at 1-3 and statistically in last place in the league.  Things won’t get easier for them in Week 5 as they’ll be facing those fierce KL Tigers who are going to be looking to ride the momentum of their monster game.

The Dragons will be playing the Panthers and the VooDoo get the Maulers, a pair of games that look lopsided on paper, while the Cardiff Crusaders and Chicago Red Stars meet in what looks like it might be one of the most exciting match-ups of the week.  Scotland vs Hawaii is another one that looks like it’ll be a good back and forth show, and so is the match between the recently relocated Rochester Grizzlies and the expansion Istanbul Lions, a pair of underated squads that are better than their 2-2 records.