4 and 0range

FANTASY ADDICTS – After being foiled in their attempts to win the Fantasy Addicts League Championship last season, league super villain Orange Lantern Corps has been cutting a swath of destruction through the league so far this season.  Their latest victim, the newly rebranded 99 Bortles of Beer on the Wall, who they destroyed in Week 4, 257-186, to advance to a 4-0 record.  Orange Lantern is now the last remaining undefeated team in the Addicts league this season and take over first place with the win.  They have beaten 3 of the 4 league charter teams already – sneaking past monkeys on ecstasy 242-232 in Week 1, the Houston Hostiles 277-269 in Week 2, and Black Sheep 291-286 in Week 3; they’ll face the 4th charter team, On The Rox, this week.  Orange Lantern’s Dan “The Polish Rifle” Mayhoff and Rox went to war in the 2016 season, playing a back and forth battle through 5 games that culminated in On The Rox finally defeating them for the League Championship, but if there’s a sequal to that storyline, it may be that OLC‘s secret identity is the 2017 schedule; despite being 4-0 in first place, the Lantern’s are ranked 8th in total points, and

Orange Lantern Corp and On The Rox went head-to-head 5 times in 2016, with Rox eventually coming out on top in the League Championship

up until their Week 4 trouncing of 99 Bortles, had 3 wins by a combined total of just 23 points.  Week 5 may be revealing.  Or will it?

In other Week 4 action, the league’s pair of expansion teams, Kizzy’s Krackbacks and Suspension Freaks XL met for the first time ever.  Both teams had been on a tear since debuting in Fantasy Addicts, particularly the Krackbacks who were 3-0 and came in at #3 on the latest AF Top 25.  Shane Rocks‘ other Association team, Legion of Defense defending champions Suspension Freaks, were #1 on that list, though, so there was good reason to believe this match-up would be close.  The Freaks-XL pulled off the upset, beating meigzoh’s Krackbacks 296-228, outscoring them on both offense and defense.  Despite the loss, Kizzy remains in second place thanks to a total season points lead of 58 points over Suspension Freaks XL who sit in third.  Mighty Pats share their 3-1 record as well after beating the monkeys 302-282, but trail both expansion squads in total points.  The Hostiles go to 2-2 with their second consecutive 300+ point game, this week beating Rox 322-262, and Black Sheep sits at 2-2 as well, defeating The Great Khalil who’s still looking for their first win of 2017.