New, Enhanced Top 25 Debuts

AF TOP 25 – Earlier this month, the Association posted a teaser of a press release promising a new and enhanced version of the popular Top 25 rankings.  For two seasons now, the AF Top 25 has been released weekly, throughout the season, ranking teams across league-lines within the Association into a list of the best teams playing in all affiliated leagues.  With 3 weeks of the 2017 season now in the books, our newly formed AF Stats Department is ready to reveal the new, more comprehensive and data driven AF Top 25.

Well let the Director of our new Stats Department, Matthew Oaks, introduce it:

“Welcome to the all-new rankings system for 2017. We’ve taken the previous method for calculating which Associated Fantasy teams were the best and supercharged it. The power ranking is now based on 5 distinct categories (Record, Overall Wins, Consistency, Point Percentage, Coaching Efficiency). Each category is the weighted and combined to give an overall Power Rank score. The score is then put up against every team in the Association to determine where they rank (think college football’s top 25). (For a full description of each category and how it is weighted, please visit the new Stats FAQ page, found either at that link or as a sub-tab under the new AF Stats menu tab.)  The PR Scores can range from 15 (a perfect score) to 1590 (last in every category). Will anyone achieve perfection this year?  Each week we will release the AF Top 25 rankings along with the movement of each team in the rankings. Along with the Top 25 we will also release the complete 106 team ranking so everyone can see how they stack up.   Also, each week, we will highlight the movers and shakers inside the rankings. We will tell you who moved up the most in the rankings and who moved down the most in the rankings.”

A new list will be published each week under the all-new AF Stats menu tab. The Top 25 gets its own sub-tab there, and you can view the full rankings of all 106 teams playing in Association leagues under the AF Rankings sub-tab.  There’s also a brand new sub-tab, Stats FAQ to explain all of the calculations.

The 2017 Debut Top 25

  1. Coming in at number one overall on the debut 2017 Top 25, with the only sub-100 Power Rank is the Legion of Defense’s defending 2016 Champion, Suspension Freaks.  Coached by AF Registered Coach Shane Rocks, the Freaks are 3-0 going into the divisional portion of the LoD schedule and making a strong push to repeat as Champs.
  2. The Los Angeles Dragons won the World League Championship in 2015, and finished 3rd in 2016, but in the 2016-17 off season, the Dragons made a contraversial jump to the World League’s rival IFFL where they currently sit at number one both in the standings and in total scoring, as they attempt to be the first team ever in the Association to win a Championship in two different leagues.
  3. Kizzy’s Krackbacks are a rookie team in the Association’s flagship Fantasy Addicts league, run by long-time AF Registered Coach meigzoh.  They’ve taken the Addicts by storm, outscoring all of the league veterans by 10% or more already this season.
  4. Our Miss Brooke, Tmande’s entry in the Suicide Squad Racing Society’s inaugural season in the Association took over first place in the new league in Week 3, where they currently have a tenuous hold on the #1 spot, just ahead of the AF Stat Director’s Finkle is Einhorn who comes in at #6 overall this week.
  5. Shrimpy’s Sleeper Agent in the Legion of Defense is the Suspension Freak’s biggest rival in that league.  Both teams are Premier Division teams in the LoD’s tiered division system and are scheduled to face each other in Week 5.

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