Miss Brooke Takes The Lead

SS-PRL – Three laps into the Suicide Squad’s Points Race League and it was the most exciting weekend yet this season as Our Miss Brooke put on a burst of speed and turned in a 248 point lap to take over the lead.  Tmande’s Miss Brooke and Finkle is Einhorn are now fender to fender down the front straight in first and second place, with points totals of 629 and 624 after Finkle’s 181 point, slowest lap so far.  Just a couple car lengths back, Tigershark Dracula Fangs have made a move on Skull Crushers, to slide into third place with 546 total points after a 189 point lap 3, good for the 3rd highest score of the week.  Falling to fourth with 515 points, Skull Crusher’s got AF Registered Coach Ramona’s High Flyers in the #14 car breathing down their neck from the fifth position with 501 points.

Hickory Windies turned in a 210 point Week 3 performance, second best of the week

In the biggest move of Week 3, Hickory Windies posted the second highest lap time, 210 points to boost them from 9th up to 7th with 468 season points, just behind the silver and black #66 car, Clintoral Piercings that’s sitting in 6th with 479 total points.  Behind the 8 Ball drafted right along behind the Windies, picking up a position and moving from 10th to 8th.  Their 420 total points are just a few seconds behind Looneys and Goonies, sitting in 7th place with 460 points.  Longwaydwn turned in a disappoointing lap time for Week 3, and they fall back into the pack all the way to 11th position.  Deadshot Bucs slide ahead into 10th, while HIGHLANDERS still bring up the rear.