Gold Star Monkeys


FANTASY ADDICTS – Charter member of the Fantasy Addicts league, monkeys on ecstasy, reached the milestone of their 50th league win this weekend, beating a team whose path has entertwined with their all along the way in their 300-249 victory over Rox’s On The Rox.  The monkeys will be awarded the Association’s Gold Star Award for the acomplishment, only the third team in Association history to receive the honor, it will sit in an already crowded trophy case along with monkeys on ecstasy’s two league championships, two defense of the year awards, and offense of the year award, not to mention their league records for #1, #2, and #3 single game scoring performances, #1 and #2 season scoring performances, their #1 ranked playoff wins record, and their #1 spot on the league playoff single game scoring record, single season scoring record, and cumulative playoff scoring record.  It’s been quite a storied 5 year run for monkeys on ecstasy who now boast an all-time league record of 50-28-0 for a career .641 win average and 23,560 total points scored.

In other Fantasy Addicts games this weekend, meigzoh’s Kizzy’s Krackbacks are still in first place and still undefeated after slaughtering The Great Khalil 324-233 to advance to 3-0.  League Supervillain, Orange Lantern Corps, moves into second place with an identical 3-0 record after a close 290-283 victory over Black Sheep who tried a desperate comeback attempt on Monday night.  Black Sheep now fall to 1-2 on the season.  Fantasy Addicts’ other new team, Shane Rocks’ Suspension Freaks XL, who came into the league this year with Kizzy, dropped their first game as an Addict, losing 275-284 slugfest with Mighty Pats, but will stay one step ahead of them at 3rd place in the standings.  The Houston Hostiles, took their first win of 2017, beating 99 Bottles of Bortle 333-220.

99 Bottles and The Great Khalil now are both still looking to get one in the win column, and Week 4 won’t get any easier as they face Black Sheep and Orange Lantern.  The league’s two newcomers will face off for the first time in their Addicts career, while charter teams Houston Hostiles and On The Rox will play for the 9th time in the teams’ histories – Rox leads that series by a lopsided 7 games to 1.  A new chapter begins in Week 4 for monkeys on ecstasy as they face Mighty Pats and go for their first win on the road to their next 50..