WFL: Premier World Match for Week 3


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WORLD LEAGUE – The feature game of Week 3 in the World League, showcased in the league’s Premier World Match, will determine early season control of the Western Conference.  The New Orleans Acadians (2-0) sit in the Conference #1 position, but only nominally so, just 7 points ahead of the Buenos Aires Blue Dogs (2-0) and their identical record.  One of these two teams will leave this Week 3 showdown as the undisputed #1.  Each, charter members of the WFL, New  Orleans and Buenos Aires have faced each other 6 times in World League history, with the Blue Dogs leading that series 4 games to 2.  In their most recent meeting, Week 3 of the 2016 season, New Orleans came out on top in a close 90-86 point win.  So far in the 2017 season, they’ve posted remarkably equal performances through the first two weeks, posting 85 and 89 points each in their Week 1 victories and 109 and 98 apiece in Week 2.  The latest spread from the betting centers has the odds nearly even, with the Blue dogs being underdogs by just a point and a quarter so this one may be a nailbiter through Monday Night Football when the Acadians’ Cardinal defense takes the field.

The Eastern Conference lead has a chance to remain tied up after this week as the top two teams, England and Scandinavia, both 2-0, will be playing independent of each other.  The Stars will face the 0-2 expansion Wild Boars of Milan, while the Patriots take on the winless Jerusalem Cheeseheads.  London Falling (1-1) meets up with the Dublin Bay Prawns (1-1) who lost last weeks PWM, and each have a chance to either go ahead or fall under the .500 mark.  The remaining Western Conference teams are in a position to either tighten or spread out all of the Conference standings as the 1-1 teams will be playing the pair of 0-2’s.  The defending Champion Dacusville Devils have struggled to score this season, but get a turn this week at City of Champions (0-2), currently the lowest scoring team in the League, while the Mexico Aztecs (1-1) will look to welcome the expansion Cali Rox (0-2) to the World League in the same fashion their last two opponents have.