Army of the 49 Monkeys

FANTASY ADDICTS – After starting the 2017 season with a split 1-1 record, in their Week 3 game in the Fantasy Addicts League, charter league member monkeys on ecstasy will be playing for their 50th all-time league win.  As luck, or the football gods, would have it, they’ll be attempting to reach this milestone by beating their longstanding rival, On The Rox, while Rox will be attempting to belay that victory by at least one more week.

On the eve of this epic contest, the Association would like to take a look back at the timeline of this rivalry through the years.


  • In the Fantasy Addicts inaugural season, On The Rox becomes the 9th of 10 teams to join the new league.
  • monkeys on ecstasy is the 10th.
  • In their first ever meeting, Week 3, 2012, On The Rox won 287-282, their second closest victory all season
  • The two met again in Week 12 and Rox won again, this time 286-238
  • On The Rox went 12-1 that season – and put a 12 game win-streak into the record books, while monkeys on ecstasy barely skated into the playoffs at 6-7 thanks to a Week 13 victory.  But despite their respective #1 and #6 playoff seeding, Rox was one-and-done while the monkeys went on to win the first ever Fantasy Addicts Championship
  • Rox was the #1 scoring team of 2012, while monkeys were #4, but the monkeys had the #2 scoring offense and the #3 scoring defense; Rox was #3 and #5


  • In Week 3 of 2013, monkeys beat Rox for the first time ever, 267-234.  It would be the only time they faced each other that season.
  • This time, monkeys finished #1 with a 10-3 record – including a 9 game win-streak, while Rox slid into the playoffs at #6 with a 6-7 record.
  • Both teams were eliminated in their first game in the 2013 playoffs, but they finished the season as the #2 (Rox) and #3 (monkeys) scoring teams in the league.


  • monkey’s 9 game regular season win-streak carried over from 2013, and they extended it to 18 total games, breaking Rox’s league record.
  • Among those games, was a Week 3 meeting between the two that monkeys won 311-222.  The series was now tied 2-2.
  • monkeys on ecstasy finished 2014 in first place with a 12-2 record; On The Rox finished tied for second at 9-5
  • Rox was eliminated in round 1 of the playoffs, while monkeys advanced to and lost the Championship.
  • They were the #1 (monkeys) and #4 (Rox) scoring teams that season, and the #1 (monkeys) and #2 (Rox) scoring defenses.


  • On The Rox began 2015 with a 7 game regular season win-streak carried over from 2014.  They extended that streak to 12 total wins, tieing their own record, but falling short of monkey’s 18 game streak.
  • When the teams met in Week 3, Rox came away with the win 293.00-291.50.  Just 1 and a half points.
  • When ladder scheduling at the end of the regular season, begining in Week 11, the two were in 1st and 2nd place.  They faced each other in Week 11, monkeys won 251-191.  The series was now tied again at 3 wins each.
  • Because of ladder scheduling, the rivals faced each other again in Week 12.  monkeys won again, 290-222
  • In Week 13, they challenged each other for an unprecedented 3rd consecutive match, Rox won this one, 356-305.  The series was again tied, 4-4
  • The pair entered the 2015 playoffs ranked #1 and #2.  Rox finished first at 10-3, monkeys at 9-4.  Both teams won their first round match and advanced to their first ever playoff match – the 2015 League Championship.
  • For the fifth time in a single season, again these two faced each other.  The all-time series was tied at 4-4, and the 2015 series was tied at 2-2.  It was a battle that had been building through 3 seasons:  King Kong vs Godzilla
  • monkeys won the 2015 Championship, beating On The Rox 684-560 in the two-week match.  They were #1 and #2 in total scoring that season, separated by just 80 points.


  • In Week 3 of 2016,  they faced each other for the 10th time in league history.  Rox won this one, 337-330, evening the all-time series at 5-5
  • Rox went on to finish the Regular season 11-3 while the monkeys stumbled, finishing 5-9 and failing to make the playoffs for the first time ever.
  • On the Rox took advantage, and finished the season by capturing their White Whale, their first League Championship
  • Their Championship win, also happened to be On The Rox’s 50th league win, capturing it in 73 total games, becoming the second ever team in the Association to be honored for the benchmark with the Association’s Gold Star Award


Week 3, 2017, monkeys on ecstasy and On The Rox will face each other for the 11th time, each of them with 5 wins against the other.  With a win, monkeys would be only the third Association team ever to reach 50 league wins; it will be their 78th game.  Between the two of them, the pair own about half of the records in the Fantasy Addicts Record Book, including: the top 5 Win-Streaks, 13 of the top 25 Single Game Scoring Records, 5 of the top 10 Regular Season Scoring Records, 10 of the top 25 Single Game Offensive Scoring Records, and 11 of 25 on Defense, among many others.  For what it’s worth, as of this posting, the projections has monkeys coming away with a victory, 253.86-249.70…..hmmmm, so it’s going to be another epic battle, who could’ve guessed that.