Patriots Outlast Prawns

WORLD LEAGUE – In the World League’s first ever showcased weekly game, Week 2’s Premiere World Match, the Old England Patriots beat the Dublin Bay Prawns in the teams’ 10th all time meeting to even the series at 5 games apiece.  This match was a slugfest as the pair pounded each other all day Sunday, with neither squad able to gain much separation on the score board from the other until the Patriots started feeding the ball to their starting halfback CJ Anderson.  Anderson pounded Dublin’s defenses for a touchdown and 118 yards rushing along with another TD and 36 more yards through the air.  It was, by a stretch, the best player performance of the match, with 29 points contributed to Old England’s 89-79 point victory.

Old England Patriots (2-0) have tied their all-time series with Dublin Bay at 5-5

Advancing to 2-0, the Patriots still do not hold exclusive control of the Western Conference, as the Scandinavian Stars will advance to 2-0 this week as well, beating Jerusalem who remains winless on the season.  The expansion Milan Wild Boars are still looking for their first win as well after falling 82-98 to London Falling who evens their record at 1-1.  The schedule doesn’t look any easier for the Boars and Cheeseheads, as Milan must face Scandinavia and Jerusalem takes a turn at Old England in Week 3, both the Stars and Patriots looking to pad their 2-0 records.  Dublin Bay will try to rebound from their stinging loss to England, taking on the WFL‘s other British squad, London Falling, both teams with a 1-1 record.

Across the Atlantic, in the Western Conference, it was a slaughter as the New Orleans Acadians beat the Mexico Aztecs 109-75.  Led by their back-up QB Alex Smith, and reserve receiver JJ Nelson who turned in 16 and 17 points each, New Orleans took the lead and then drove the score up on Sunday night behind RB Ty Montgomery’s 20 points in garbage time.  New Orleans advances to 2-0 while the Aztecs even their record at 1-1.  The Buenos Aires Blue Dogs also will advance to 2-0, beating City of Champions by their own big margin.  The Acadians and Blue Dogs, now both undefeated at 2-0 will be facing each other in Week 3.  In the closest match of the day, the defending Champion Dacusville Devils defeated the Western Conference’s expansion Cali Rox 89-82.  Like Milan, Cali is also still looking for their first World League win, and will try for it when they face Mexico next week, while Dacusville will take on City of Champions.