Addicts Rookies Emerging As Studs

ADDICTS – Just two weeks into the 2017 season, and the 2 rookie teams in the Fantasy Addicts league are already beginning to emerge as stud powerhouses to give the other teams in the Association’s flagship league nightmares.  Both new teams, Kizzy’s Krackbacks and Suspension Freaks XL are sitting 2-0 in first and second place in the old-line league that usually welcomes newcomers with weekly beatdowns until they retreat into a corner.  Not so with these two who remain undefeated after 2 with only 2016 League Runner-Up Orange Lantern Corps, who sits in third, joining them as 2-0 squads.

Kizzy’s Krackbacks, the gridiron tool of vengence of AF Registered Coach meigzoh, opened the season against perrenial powerhouse Mighty Pats and absolutely destroyed them 317-166, posting the League high score of opening weekend and ranking second in total scoring on both offense AND defense.  They followed that performance by finishing just a half point shy of the 300 mark in Week 2 as they outlasted 2013 League Champion Black Sheep 299.50- 283.00.  Sitting in first place overall, with 616 accumulated points over the first 2 weeks, they’ll next take their points demonstration up against The Great Khalil who’s off to a slow 0-2 start after falling to Mighty Pats, 313-285 last week.

AF Registered Coach Shane Rocks, who’s rebranded his Legion of Defense monster, Suspension Freaks, into the Suspension Freaks XL for the Addicts League is proving just as dominant as the Freaks have been in the Association’s all-defense league.  In Week 1, the Freaks XL showed that lucky was just as important as good, skimming past the rebranded WhyNots by a slim spread of 229-226.  The WhyNots are playing this season as 99 Bortles of Beer on the Wall, are still looking for their first win.  In Week 2, Suspension Freaks posted the week’s high score and held off a comeback attempt by none other than the defending 2016 Champion and Asst Commissioner Rox, beating his On The Rox squad 313-296.  The Champs fall to 1-1 and sit in 4th overall, just behind league super villain OLC.

The Lanterns have beaten two league charter teams, the Hostiles and the monkeys on their way to 2-0 and will try to keep that streak alive when they face a third charter club, taking on Black Sheep in week 3.  Their Week 1 defeat of monkeys on ecstasy has set up a monumental Week 3 match-up.  The monkeys came into 2017 with 48 total league wins, and after losing to the Lanterns, and beating 99 Bortles in Week 2, now sit at 49 career league wins, going for magic number 50 in their next game.  Who more appropriate for them to be scheduled against than their long-standing league rival On The Rox?  A victory, would earn the monkey the Association’s Gold Star Award as only the third team to do so….the second team to earn the distinction?  None other than On The Rox who passed the milestone with the win in the 2016 League Championship.  look for an update on this historic match-up later in the week.