Patriots Spoil Milan’s Debut

WORLD LEAGUE – In a spectacular display of firepower, the Old England Patriots posted a come from behind victory on Monday night to beat the Milan Wild Boars 116-105 in the Boar’s World League debut.  Milan, who took over the roster of  perennial basement franchise Barcelona, was aggressive in preseason trading and their moves had seemed to pay off as they entered MNF with their final 105 points being the highest Week 1 performance in the league.  With five players left to play, however, and buoyed by their Rams defense’s 44 points on Sunday, the Patriots came storming back to overtake and defeat them, securing their 43rd World League victory and the top score of opening weekend.  England can reach the 50th win mark this season and secure the Association‘s coveted Gold Star Award, but the road will not be easy; they face the Dublin Bay Prawns in Week 2, an annual powerhouse in the league and a rematch of the Eastern Conference semifinal game the Patriots lost last season; Dublin handily defeated the Jerusalem Cheeseheads 81-66 to begin the year at 1-0 as well.

Old England secured their 43rd World League victory on Monday night

In other action on the Opening Week of the WFL’s 6th season, the defending Champion Dacusville Devils lost their opener to the 2013 Champion Mexico Aztecs who also came from behind on Monday night, Melvin Gordon’s 2nd quarter touchdown putting them over the top.  The league’s other new franchise, AF Registered Coach Rox’s Cali Rox, failed to win in their debut outing as well, posting the week’s lowest score and suffering the devastating loss of halfback David Johnson to IR in their 60-87 point defeat by the Buenos Aires Blue Dogs.  The New Orleans Acadians came out on top, 85-74 over City of Champions to round out the Western Conference games, while the closest match of opening day saw the Scandinavian Stars beat London Falling by just a single point, 82-81.  Fans of both teams will be watching for stat corrections to possibly overturn that one this week.