AF Top 25 Enhanced For 2017

AF TOP 25 – For the past two seasons the Association has ranked all League teams onto its popular Top 25 weekly rankings list, and not only will this continue for the 2017 season, but plans are already in the works for a full enhancement of this feature.  Details are not yet being released, but we think AF Teams are going to be just as excited as we are about the improvements.  One of the greatest things about the AF Top 25 is that it gives teams playing in affiliated leagues the chance to compete not just for the honors of being the best in their league, but also to compete across league lines to rise to the top of the Association itself.  With the creation of the AF Stats Department this season, headed by AF Stats Director Matthew Oaks, the Association is committed to making this ranking system as comprehensive and data driven as possible.  With 106 elligible league teams for the 2017 season, will your team have what it takes to climb to the top of the rankings?  You’ll have to wait just a couple of weeks to find out when the AF Top 25 is set to debut after the conclusion of Week 3.  Until then, go out there and win.