World League Concludes Slow Draft

WORLD LEAGUE – The slow-running email draft – only one of its kind in the Association – for the World League concluded late Tuesday night as the Scandinavian Stars selected the Jaguars’ Defense with the final pick of the last supplemental round.  The draft took just over a week, as the expansion Milan Wild Boars kicked things off on Monday morning, August 28, naming Leonard Fournette as the #1 overall pick.  The World League, is the Association‘s only resident dynasty group, so the Fournette pick was unsurprising; in all, 5 rookie running backs were taken off the board in the first 6 picks, followed by the unretired Marshawn Lynch at 7th overall.

Managing Cali Rox, the league’s second new team for 2017, AF Registered Coach Rox, stepped up as acting Asst Commissioner to certify the draft results and get all team rosters ready to go for Opening Thursday.  The Wild Boars and Rox replace the Barcelona Dragons and the Los Angeles Dragons as the first replacement teams in the WFL since 2014.  Coincidentally, 2014 was also the entry date for both Dragon franchises who replaced the Staffordshire Icky Ficky and the Los Angeles Super Chargers, respectively.  The Los Angeles Dragons, jumped leagues this off-season, relocating to the World League’s rival International Fantasy Football League while the Barcelona squad, after just 13 wins in 3 seasons (13-39) moved down to the European Minors.  One of the Association‘s most stable leagues, 8 of the 12 teams entering the World League’s 6th season are charter members of the league, going back to 2012, and 2 more entered just a year later in 2013.  Only two of those charter teams, however, have hoisted the Atlas TrophyLondon Falling in 2012 and the Jerusalem Cheeseheads in 2014.  The Mexico Aztecs took the championship in their 2013 inaugural season and the now departed Los Angeles Dragons took it in their second year of 2015, so luck may be on the side of Cali and Milan going into 2017 and the road to World Bowl 6, held this year in South Carolina, home of the defending 2016 World Champion Dacusville Devils.