SUICIDE SQUAD – The Association‘s newest league, the Suicide Squad Racing Society‘s Points Race League, founded in 2017, held their inaugural draft on Tuesday night.  The Suicide Squad PRL is a 12 team points race, paid entry league debuting this season that features a unique twist.  Teams drafted deep, 26 player rosters that will feature 10 starting positions in a modified AF Arena roster set, but with no allowance for free agent pick-ups all season long.  Instead, teams must drop one player a week for the duration of the 17 week season, outscoring the field of other teams and making it to the finish line with more total points than the rest of the league as their team desintegrates.

Draft strategies were wild in this format as teams tried to build their rosters into the perfect beast.  Some of the oddities of this draft included 13 quarterbacks being selected by the end of round 3 since signal callers are at such a premium in the format.  Tight ends, on the other hand, were at a far lower premium, with Gronk falling all the way to the 38th pick  – you won’t see that in many leagues.  With pick number 312 in the 26th round, AF Registered Coach Ramona and her High Flyers who started the night off picking David Johnson from the pole position, finished the night picking Cody Parkey as Mr Irrelevant, the final player selected.

You can see the full draft results here, and follow the Suicide Squad’s Leaderboard all season long.